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Data Hub Priority Plan 2021

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There are a number of core features within the data hub that need improvements in order to take this to the next level. What is especially important is to make sure that navigating the data hub is intuitive and easy, despite the large amount of information. We must furthermore ensure that different audiences (data contributors, students, academics, general public, etc) can all find what they need in a relatively straightforward way. We might need to separate out the "data contribution" section from the "data analysis" section, as they speak to different audiences.


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Continuing with the open and collaboration aspect of the platform, it would be interesting to have a similar setup like has, in which people can both download csv files, or as noted above, start their own Jupyter notebooks, allowing people to write and publish scripts with python, analyze data, create visualizations and comment on other users notebooks. All of which would be visible publicly for future reference, collaboration etc.