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Currently, the system allows for individual datasets to be uploaded. While it is technically possible to upload material flow analysis (MFA) data, the system does not yet provide the tools to classify data accordingly. We should be able to automatically calculate indicators, to identify data gaps, and to visualise the MFA as a whole (including sankey diagrams). Ideally, we would also allow people to create and manage their own private projects, where they can upload their own datasets without them necessarily becoming part of the public data repository (unless they want to). This is a bit like the OMAT system we had before.


Related to: MFA integration.

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Continuing with the open and collaboration aspect of the platform, it would be interesting to have a similar setup like has, in which people can both download csv files, or as noted above, start their own Jupyter notebooks, allowing people to write and publish scripts with python, analyze data, create visualizations and comment on other users notebooks. All of which would be visible publicly for future reference, collaboration etc.