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Our reference spaces can record data and information about any scale... from enterprise level to country level. It is now time to fully integrate a number of these different scales. The IRP has released a global material flows database at country-level. This can be used to add MFA data to all countries in our system. Secondly, we should load the economy-wide MFAs done on city level (many of which exist in the academic literature), and encourage our colleagues at Metabolism of Islands to also load these into their system. Once we have these different scales loaded with data, we can start connecting the scales, in order to record the relationship between e.g. a city, a province/state, a country, and a continent. Downscaling (or upscaling) should be possible, as a way to estimate numbers if accurate data is not (readily) available.


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Continuing with the open and collaboration aspect of the platform, it would be interesting to have a similar setup like has, in which people can both download csv files, or as noted above, start their own Jupyter notebooks, allowing people to write and publish scripts with python, analyze data, create visualizations and comment on other users notebooks. All of which would be visible publicly for future reference, collaboration etc.