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COVID-19: Immediate Predictors of Individual Resilience Webpage Ferreira et al.
Can a small island nation build resilience? The significance of resource-use patterns and socio-metabolic risks in The Bahamas Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
Proposed solutions for marine debris in the Windward Islands- perspectives from key policy makers and policy influencers Journal Article Roxanne E. D. Graham 2023
Regenerative economics at the service of islands: Assessing the socio-economic metabolism of Samothraki in Greece Journal Article Zisopoulos et al. 2023
The Bahamas at risk: Material stocks, sea-level rise, and the implications for development Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
The role of colonial pasts in shaping climate futures: Adaptive capacity in Georgetown, Guyana Journal Article Robinson et al. 2023
Analyzing Socio-Metabolic Vulnerability: Evidence from the Comoros Archipelago Journal Article Bahers et al. 2022
Climate Change and the Caribbean: Challenges and Vulnerabilities in Building Resilience to Tropical Cyclones Journal Article Clint T. Lewis 2022
Compounding challenges for disaster resilience in small island developing states Journal Article Denise D. P. Thompson 2022
Flood Risk-Related Research Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Pinos and Quesada-Román 2022
Prioritising well-being and resilience to ‘build back better’: insights from a Dominican small-scale fishing community Journal Article Forster et al. 2022
Providing a framework for post-disaster resilience factors in buildings and infrastructure from end-users’ perspectives: case study in Caribbean island states Journal Article Charles et al. 2022
Returning to normal? ‘Building back better’ in the Dominican education system after Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria Journal Article Martin Parham 2022
Small Island Developing States in a post-pandemic world: Challenges and opportunities for climate action Journal Article Foley et al. 2022
Socio-metabolic risk and tipping points on islands Journal Article Singh et al. 2022
The role of Nature-based Solutions in disaster resilience in coastal Jamaica: current and potential applications for ‘building back better’ Journal Article Lee et al. 2022
Whose resilience matters? A socio-ecological systems approach to defining and assessing disaster resilience for small islands Journal Article Talubo et al. 2022
360° Resilience: A Guide to Prepare the Caribbean for a New Generation of Shocks Report Rozenberg et al. 2021
A Systemic Assessment of COVID-19 Impacts on Pacific Islands’ Food Systems Journal Article Davila et al. 2021
Analysis of international climate change agreements in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean Book Section Abeldano et al. 2021
COVID-19 and food systems in Pacific Island Countries, Papua New Guinea, and Timor-Leste: Opportunities for actions towards the sustainable development goals Journal Article Davila et al. 2021
Measuring Small Island Disaster Resilience Towards Sustainable Coastal and Fisheries Tourism: The Case of Guimaras, Philippines Journal Article Añasco et al. 2021
Operationalizing Urban Resilience to Floods in Island Territories—Application in Punaauia, French Polynesia Journal Article Lamaury et al. 2021
Pathways to coastal retreat Journal Article Haasnoot et al. 2021
Perceptions of and Resilience to Coastal Climate Risks Journal Article Ratter and Leyshon 2021
Reconstructing tourism in the Caribbean: connecting pandemic recovery, climate resilience and sustainable tourism through mobility justice Journal Article Mimi Sheller 2021
Smart Fishery: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda for Sustainable Fisheries in the Age of AI Journal Article Honarmand Ebrahimi et al. 2021
The LTER-Greece Environmental Observatory Network: Design and Initial Achievements Journal Article Skoulikidis et al. 2021
The Metabolism of Islands Book Singh et al. 2021
Theory and practice of building community resilience to extreme events Journal Article Robertson et al. 2021
A Best Practice in the Making? How Dominica is Building the World’s First Climate Resilient Nation Webpage Bardouille and Scaife 2020
A review of symbiotic gorgonian research in the western Atlantic and Caribbean with recommendations for future work Journal Article Kupfner Johnson and Hallock 2020
An Introduction to Island Studies Book James Randall 2020
Archaeology, environmental justice, and climate change on islands of the Caribbean and southwestern Indian Ocean Journal Article Douglass and Cooper 2020
CARICOM NewsTime - 10 June 2020 Video Recording CARICOM 2020
Coping with environmental hazards and shocks in Kiribati: Experiences of climate change by atoll communities in the Equatorial Pacific Journal Article Cauchi et al. 2020
Coral Reef Community Changes in Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia: Assessing the Efficacy of Management in the Face of Local and Global Stressors Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2020
GIS-based Material Stock Analysis (MSA) of Climate Vulnerabilities to the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda Journal Article Bradshaw et al. 2020
Introduction: The Metabolism of Islands Journal Article Singh et al. 2020
Islands of vulnerability and resilience: Manufactured stereotypes? Journal Article Ilan Kelman 2020
Jamaica’s Updated NDC Incorporates Land-use Change and Forestry Sector | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD Journal Article Beate Antonich 2020
Port disruptions due to natural disasters: Insights into port and logistics resilience Journal Article Verschuur et al. 2020
Sinking Islands, Drowned Logic; Climate Change and Community-Based Adaptation Discourses in Solomon Islands Journal Article van der Ploeg et al. 2020
The weight of islands: Leveraging Grenada's material stocks to adapt to climate change Journal Article Symmes et al. 2020
The “Metal-Energy-Construction Mineral” Nexus in the Island Metabolism: The Case of the Extractive Economy of New Caledonia Journal Article Bahers et al. 2020
An Assessment of Climate Change and Health Vulnerability and Adaptation in Dominica Journal Article Schnitter et al. 2019
Building back towards storm-resilient housing: Lessons from Fiji's Cyclone Winston experience Journal Article Aquino et al. 2019
Community perceptions link environmental decline to reduced support for tourism development in small island states: A case study in the Turks and Caicos Islands Journal Article Robinson et al. 2019
Disaster-Risk, Water Security Challenges and Strategies in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Journal Article Gheuens et al. 2019
Exploring and Managing Adaptation Frontiers with Climate Risk Insurance Book Section Schäfer et al. 2019
Land Restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Overview of Recent, Ongoing and Planned Restoration Initiatives and Their Potential for Climate Change Mitigation Journal Article Romijn et al. 2019
Marine pollution in the Caribbean : not a minute to waste Journal Article Diez et al. 2019
Social-ecological dynamics and water stress in tourist islands: the case of Rhodes, Greece Journal Article Skrimizea and Parra 2019
Adapting to climate change at the national level in Caribbean small island developing state Journal Article Stacy-ann Robinson 2018
Bracing for the Storm: For the Caribbean, building resilience is a matter of survival Journal Article and Srinivasan 2018
Community-based adaptation in low-lying islands in the Philippines: challenges and lessons learned Journal Article Jamero et al. 2018
Conclusion Book Section Ratter and Ratter 2018
Island Vulnerability and Resilience Book Section Ratter and Ratter 2018
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of climate adaptation actors towards resilience and transformation in a 1.5°C world Journal Article Saxena et al. 2018
Modeling alternative stable states in Caribbean coral reefs Journal Article Blackwood et al. 2018
Practical tools for quantitative analysis of coastal vulnerability and sea level rise impacts—application in a Caribbean island and assessment of the 1.5 °C threshold Journal Article Biondi and Guannel 2018
Recipe for Resilience? Tracing the Biopolitics of Sint Maarten’s Recovery Efforts After Irma Journal Article Kevon Rhiney 2018
Republic of Fiji National Adaptation Plan: A pathway towards climate resilience Report Government of Fiji 2018
Resource extractivism, health and climate change in small islands Journal Article Hilary Bambrick 2018
Sustainable management of tropical small island ecosystems for the optimization of soil natural capital and ecosystem services: a case of a Caribbean soil ecosystem—Aripo savannas Trinidad Journal Article Atwell et al. 2018
Understanding climate-human interactions in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Implications for future livelihood sustainability Journal Article Nunn and Kumar 2018
An integrative approach to understand vulnerability and resilience post-disaster: The 2015 cyclone Pam in urban Vanuatu as case study Journal Article Rey et al. 2017
Seizing history: development and non-climate change in Small Island Developing States Journal Article Godfrey Baldacchino 2017
The future of Caribbean tourism: competition and climate change implications Journal Article Mackay and Spencer 2017
A Vicious Circle? Altered Carbon and Nutrient Cycling May Explain the Low Resilience of Caribbean Coral Reefs Journal Article Pawlik et al. 2016
A social justice framing of climate change discourse and policy: Adaptation, resilience and vulnerability in a Jamaican agricultural landscape Journal Article Popke et al. 2016
Climate Change and Food Security: Africa and the Caribbean Book Elizabeth Thomas Hope 2016
Extreme Events, Critical Infrastructures, Human Vulnerability and Strategic Planning: Emerging Research Issues Journal Article Birkmann et al. 2016
Globalization, Agriculture and Food in the Caribbean: Climate Change, Gender and Geography Book Beckford and Rhiney 2016
Governing Uncertainty: Resilience, Dwelling, and Flexible Resource Management in Oceania Journal Article Matthew Lauer 2016
Small States' Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change - Role for the IMF Report IMF 2016
Environmental change and food security: the special case of small island developing states Journal Article Lowitt et al. 2015
Geographies of Caribbean Vulnerability in a Changing Climate: Issues and Trends Journal Article Kevon Rhiney 2015
Island morphology, reef resources, and development paths in the Maldives Journal Article Alexander K. Naylor 2015
Mapping and assessing coastal resilience in the Caribbean region Journal Article Lam et al. 2015
SIDS in Numbers. Climate Change Edition 2015 Report UN-OHRLLS 2015
Using migration to develop resilience against climate change in Mauritius Report Sobhee and Blocher 2015
A vulnerability and resilience framework for small states. Book Section Briguglio and Bynoe-Lewis 2014
Disaster Risk Reduction in the Caribbean: Opportunities and Challenges for Achieving Greater Resilience Journal Article Simon Hollis 2014
Small islands Journal Article Nurse et al. 2014
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) & energy aid: Impacts on the energy sector in the Caribbean and Pacific Journal Article Niles and Lloyd 2013
Small island developing states: coastal systems, global change and sustainability Journal Article John E. Hay 2013
Climate change adaptation in the Pacific Island tourism sector: analysing the policy environment in Vanuatu Journal Article Klint et al. 2012
INSIDE STORY: Strengthening climate resilience - the case of Grenada Webpage 2012
Sea Change: Island Communities and Climate Change* Journal Article Heather Lazrus 2012
The Relationship between Personality Traits and Psychological Resilience among the Caribbean Adolescents Journal Article Grace Fayombo 2010
Economic Vulnerability and Resilience: Concepts and Measurements Journal Article Briguglio et al. 2009
Thresholds and the resilience of Caribbean coral reefs Journal Article Mumby et al. 2007
Planning for climate change in small islands: Insights from national hurricane preparedness in the Cayman Islands Journal Article Emma L. Tompkins 2005
Adapting to Climate Change in Pacific Island Countries: The Problem of Uncertainty Journal Article Jon Barnett 2001
Interannual Variability of Caribbean Rainfall, ENSO, and the Atlantic Ocean Journal Article Giannini et al. 2000