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Title Type Author(s) Year
IoT based Smart Agriculture Journal Article Gondchawar and Kawitkar
IoT Governance Report Morar et al. 2021
IoT connected devices worldwide 2030 Webpage Lionel Sujay Vailshery 2021
A Brief Review of the IoT-Based Energy Management System in the Smart Industry Book Section Dash et al. 2020
Application and assessment of internet of things toward the sustainability of energy systems: Challenges and issues Journal Article Khatua et al. 2020
Internet of Things (IoT) and the Energy Sector Journal Article Hossein Motlagh et al. 2020
Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities, issues and challenges towards a smart and sustainable future Journal Article Nižetić et al. 2020
Internet of Things in Sustainable Energy Systems Book Section Salam and Salam 2020
IoT-enabled smart appliances under industry 4.0: A case study Journal Article Aheleroff et al. 2020
Iot in supply chain management: a narrative on retail sector sustainability Journal Article de Vass et al. 2020
Role of IoT Technology in Agriculture: A Systematic Literature Review Journal Article Farooq et al. 2020
Towards utilizing internet of things (IoT) devices for understanding individual occupants' energy usage of personal and shared appliances in office buildings Journal Article Rafsanjani and Ghahramani 2020
Estimating the End-to-End Energy Consumption of Low-Bandwidth IoT Applications for WiFi Devices Conference Paper Guegan and Orgerie 2019
Governance of the Internet of Things (IoT) Journal Article Trautman et al. 2019
Inequalities in the social use of the Internet of things: A capital and skills perspective Journal Article van der Zeeuw et al. 2019
Internet of Things Applications as Energy Internet in Smart Grids and Smart Environments Journal Article Kabalci et al. 2019
Internet of Things for Green Cities Transformation: Benefits and Challenges Conference Paper Klemes and Van Fan 2019
Internet of Things: Energy boon or bane? Journal Article Hittinger and Jaramillo 2019
Internet of Things: Implications for Governance Conference Paper Ponti et al. 2019
Investigation of the IoT Device Lifetime with Secure Data Transmission Book Section Galinina et al. 2019
Rate and Energy Efficiency Improvements for 5G-Based IoT With Simultaneous Transfer Journal Article Liu and Zhang 2019
Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) Newspaper Article Darren Anstee 2019
Smart Hot Water Control with Learned Human Behavior for Minimal Energy Consumption Conference Paper Sonnekalb and Lucia 2019
Smart technologies for promotion of energy efficiency, utilization of sustainable resources and waste management Journal Article Nižetić et al. 2019
10 Charts That Will Challenge Your Perspective Of IoT's Growth Webpage Louis Columbus 2018
A blockchain-based smart grid: towards sustainable local energy markets Journal Article Mengelkamp et al. 2018
A legal perspective on the trials and tribulations of AI: How artificial intelligence, the internet of things, smart contracts, and other technologies will affect the law Journal Article Giuffrida et al. 2018
An Analysis of the Energy Consumption of LPWA-based IoT Devices Conference Paper Finnegan and Brown 2018
Any Thing for Anyone? A New Digital Divide in Internet-of-Things Skills: A New Digital Divide in Internet-of-Things Skills Journal Article van Deursen and Mossberger 2018
Consumer product safety in the Internet of Things Report OECD 2018
Enabling Sustainability and Energy Awareness in Schools Based on IoT and Real-World Data Journal Article Mylonas et al. 2018
Energy efficiency for IoT devices in home environments Conference Paper Lutui et al. 2018
Greening Internet of Things for Smart Everythings with A Green-Environment Life: A Survey and Future Prospects Journal Article Alsamhi et al. 2018
Internet of Things (IoT): A review of enabling technologies, challenges, and open research issues Journal Article Čolaković and Hadžialić 2018
IoT Based Intelligent Agriculture Field Monitoring System Conference Paper Ashifuddin Mondal and Rehena 2018
IoT agriculture system based on LoRaWAN Conference Paper Davcev et al. 2018
IoT-enabled real-time energy efficiency optimisation method for energy-intensive manufacturing enterprises Journal Article Wang et al. 2018
More Sustainability in Industry through Industrial Internet of Things? Journal Article Beier et al. 2018
On Predicting the Battery Lifetime of IoT Devices: Experiences from the SPHERE Deployments Conference Paper Fafoutis et al. 2018
The IoT Energy Challenge: A Software Perspective Journal Article Georgiou et al. 2018
An IOT design for smart lighting in green buildings based on environmental factors Conference Paper Jeyasheeli and Selva 2017
Comparison of the Device Lifetime in Wireless Networks for the Internet of Things Journal Article Morin et al. 2017
Energy efficiency in smart building: A comfort aware approach based on Social Internet of Things Conference Paper Marche et al. 2017
Green IoT: An Investigation on Energy Saving Practices for 2020 and Beyond Journal Article Arshad et al. 2017
IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology Conference Paper Jaiganesh et al. 2017
Infrastructure Circuits for Lifetime Improvement of Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices Journal Article Shafiee et al. 2017
Green Industrial Internet of Things Architecture: An Energy-Efficient Perspective Journal Article Wang et al. 2016
IOT in agriculture Conference Paper Shenoy and Pingle 2016
State of the Market: Internet of Things 2016 Report 2016
The Internet of Things: Seizing the Benefits and Addressing the Challenges Report OECD 2016
Urban planning and building smart cities based on the Internet of Things using Big Data analytics Journal Article Rathore et al. 2016
Use of IoT Technology to Drive the Automotive Industry from Connected to Full Autonomous Vehicles Journal Article Krasniqi and Hajrizi 2016
AmI and the IoT and Environmental and Societal Sustainability: Risks, Challenges, and Underpinnings Book Section Bibri and Bibri 2015
Challenges and opportunities of internet of things Conference Paper Yen-Kuang Chen 2012
A Reliability Perspective of the Smart Grid Journal Article Moslehi and Kumar 2010