Greening Internet of Things for Smart Everythings with A Green-Environment Life: A Survey and Future Prospects

Tremendous technology development in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we work and live. Although the numerous advantages of IoT are enriching our society, it should be reminded that the IoT also consumes energy, embraces toxic pollution and E-waste. These place new stress on the environments and smart world. In order to increase the benefits and reduce the harm of IoT, there is an increasing desire to move toward green IoT. Green IoT is seen as the future of IoT that is environmentally friendly. To achieve that, it is necessary to put a lot of measures to reduce carbon footprint, conserve fewer resources, and promote efficient techniques for energy usage. It is the reason for moving towards green IoT, where the machines, communications, sensors, clouds, and internet are alongside energy efficiency and reducing carbon emission. This paper presents a thorough survey of the current on-going research work and potential technologies of green IoT with an intention to provide some clues for future green IoT research.

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