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Integrated water resources management in the Caribbean in the Caribbean: The challenges facing Small Island Developing States Document Cashman et al.
Share of irrigable and irrigated areas in utilised agricultural area (UAA) by NUTS 2 regions Dataset Eurostat
The Role of Green Infrastructure in Water, Energy and Food Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges | Publications Webpage
Water abstraction by river basin district (RBD) Dataset Eurostat
Water and Cities in Latin America: Challenges for Sustainable Development Webpage
Discussing linkages between climate change, human mobility and health in the Caribbean: The case of Dominica. A qualitative study Journal Article Cloos et al. 2023
Sources of major elements and nutrients in the water cycle of an undisturbed river basin – Samothraki Island, Greece Journal Article Skoulikidis et al. 2023
The resource (in)sufficiency of the Caribbean: analyzing socio-metabolic risks (SMR) of water, energy, and food Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
Advancing urban metabolism studies through GIS data: Resource flows, open space networks, and vulnerable communities in Mexico City Journal Article Daniel Otero Peña. Daniela Perrotti. Eugene Mohareb. 2022
Apex Liminality: Comprehending Lord Howe Island’s Cloud Forest and Related Island Ecosystems Journal Article Philip Hayward 2022
Balancing water scarcity, food production, and trade imperatives in the Caribbean: Could virtual water analysis help? Journal Article David O. Yawson 2022
Microplastics in Latin America and the Caribbean: A review on current status and perspectives Journal Article Orona-Návar et al. 2022
Regional Trends in Social-Ecological-Technological (SET) Approaches to Sustainable Urban Planning: Focus on Asia Book Section Thammadi et al. 2022
Socio-metabolic risk and tipping points on islands Journal Article Singh et al. 2022
Sustainability of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Caribbean Small Island Developing States Journal Article Winters et al. 2022
The Role of Crypto Trading in the Economy, Renewable Energy Consumption and Ecological Degradation Journal Article Miśkiewicz et al. 2022
Water Context in Latin America and the Caribbean: Distribution, Regulations and Prospects for Water Reuse and Reclamation Journal Article Rodríguez et al. 2022
Bright and blind spots of water research in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Alyssa J DeVincentis et al. 2021
Capacity building in participatory approaches for hydro-climatic Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Journal Article Roopnarine et al. 2021
Climate Change Adaptation and Sectoral Policy Coherence in the Caribbean Journal Article Lewis and Su 2021
How big is circular economy potential on Caribbean islands considering e-waste? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Impact of climate change on vulnerability of freshwater resources: a case study of Mauritius Journal Article Boojhawon and Surroop 2021
Impact of slow-onset events related to Climate Change on food security in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Abeldaño Zuñiga et al. 2021
Institutional and Policy Analysis: Water Security and Disaster Management in Small Island Developing States Book Section Wale et al. 2021
Pathways to coastal retreat Journal Article Haasnoot et al. 2021
The Environmental and Resource Dimensions of Automated Transport: A Nexus for Enabling Vehicle Automation to Support Sustainable Urban Mobility Journal Article Nikitas et al. 2021
The LTER-Greece Environmental Observatory Network: Design and Initial Achievements Journal Article Skoulikidis et al. 2021
The use of Islandscape character assessment and participatory spatial SWOT analysis to the strategic planning and sustainable development of small islands. The case of Gavdos Journal Article Gkoltsiou and Mougiakou 2021
Understanding the decision-making structures, roles and actions of village-level water committees in Fiji Journal Article Nelson et al. 2021
Water-land tradeoffs to meet future demands for sugar crops in Latin America and the Caribbean: A bio-physical and socio-economic nexus perspective Journal Article Zhong et al. 2021
A Screening Approach for Assessing Groundwater Quality for Consumption in Small Islands: Case Study of 45 Inhabited Islands in the Maldives Journal Article Jaleel et al. 2020
A systematic review of factors influencing spatiotemporal variability in urban water and energy consumption Journal Article Voskamp et al. 2020
An adaptation pathways approach to water management and governance of tourist islands: the example of the Southern Aegean Region in Greece Journal Article Skrimizea and Parra 2020
Artificial intelligence for sustainability: Challenges, opportunities, and a research agenda Journal Article Nishant et al. 2020
Artificial neural networks for sustainable development: A critical review Journal Article Gue et al. 2020
Climate change and food security in Caribbean small island developing states: challenges and strategies Journal Article Lenderking et al. 2020
Climate change, ecosystem services and migration in the Marshall Islands: are they related? Journal Article van der Geest et al. 2020
Constructed Wetlands in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Review of Experiences during the Last Decade Journal Article Rodriguez-Dominguez et al. 2020
Coral Reef Community Changes in Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia: Assessing the Efficacy of Management in the Face of Local and Global Stressors Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2020
Evaluating urban water management using a water metabolism framework: A comparative analysis of three regions in Korea Journal Article Jeong and Park 2020
Global to small island; a cross-scale foresight scenario exercise Journal Article Drakes et al. 2020
Isolated yet open: A metabolic analysis of Menorca Journal Article Marcos-Valls et al. 2020
Jamaica’s Updated NDC Incorporates Land-use Change and Forestry Sector | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD Journal Article Beate Antonich 2020
Past, Present, and Future Vulnerability to Dengue in Jamaica: A Spatial Analysis of Monthly Variations Journal Article Henry and Mendonça 2020
Saint Lucia: National infrastructure assessment Report UNOPS and University of Oxford 2020
Samothraki in Transition: A Report on a Real-World Lab to Promote the Sustainability of a Greek Island Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2020
South Pacific island's water crisis tipping point for global climate change Newspaper Article The Associated Press 2020
The fourth-revolution in the water sector encounters the digital revolution Journal Article Garrido-Baserba et al. 2020
Water-energy-food security: A Nexus perspective of the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mahlknecht et al. 2020
A new 30 meter resolution global shoreline vector and associated global islands database for the development of standardized ecological coastal units Journal Article Sayre et al. 2019
An Assessment of Climate Change and Health Vulnerability and Adaptation in Dominica Journal Article Schnitter et al. 2019
Can the Caribbean Live within the Doughnut? Environmental and Social Performance of Five Island Nations Thesis Wei Jia 2019
Disaster-Risk, Water Security Challenges and Strategies in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Journal Article Gheuens et al. 2019
Improving Water Management Education across the Latin America and Caribbean Region Journal Article Lyon et al. 2019
Managing disaster risk and water security. Strategies for Small Island Developing States. Report Nagabhatla et al. 2019
Managing disaster risk and water security: Strategies for Small Island Developing States. Document Nagabhatla et al. 2019
Smart Hot Water Control with Learned Human Behavior for Minimal Energy Consumption Conference Paper Sonnekalb and Lucia 2019
Social-ecological dynamics and water stress in tourist islands: the case of Rhodes, Greece Journal Article Skrimizea and Parra 2019
The metabolism of U.S. cities 2.0 Journal Article Chini and Stillwell 2019
Urban water metabolism information for planning water sensitive city-regions Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2019
Utilizing coral waste and metakaolin to produce eco-friendly marine mortar: Hydration, mechanical properties and durability Journal Article Wang et al. 2019
World Risk Index 2019 Report Peace and Armed Conflict 2019
Achieving SDG 6: water resources sustainability in Caribbean Small Island Developing States through improved water governance Journal Article Michelle A. Mycoo 2018
Adapting to climate change at the national level in Caribbean small island developing state Journal Article Stacy-ann Robinson 2018
Assessing the implementation of the Chongming Eco Island policy: What a broad planning evaluation framework tells more than technocratic indicator systems Journal Article Ma et al. 2018
Assessment of the potential implications of a 1.5 °C versus higher global temperature rise for the Afobaka hydropower scheme in Suriname Journal Article Donk et al. 2018
Community-based adaptation in low-lying islands in the Philippines: challenges and lessons learned Journal Article Jamero et al. 2018
Development of desalination technology using reverse osmosis membrane for the provision of clean water in DKI Jakarta Journal Article Pratiwi and Herdiansyah 2018
Freshwater stress on small island developing states: population projections and aridity changes at 1.5 and 2 °C Journal Article Karnauskas et al. 2018
Measuring the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean Region Journal Article Mahlknecht and González-Bravo 2018
Promoting Water Consumption on a Caribbean Island: An Intervention Using Children’s Social Networks at Schools Journal Article Franken et al. 2018
The implications of rural perceptions of water scarcity on differential adaptation behaviour in Rajasthan, India Journal Article Singh et al. 2018
Understanding the mechanism of urban material metabolism with ecological network analysis: An experimental study of Wuxi, China Journal Article Li et al. 2018
Urban Metabolism of Bangalore City: A Water Mass Balance Analysis Journal Article Paul et al. 2018
A strategic framework for sustainable water resource management in small island nations: the case of Barbados Journal Article Emmanuel and Clayton 2017
Analysis of Urban Metabolism Cycles for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourist City. The Case of Miramar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Conference Paper Testa et al. 2017
Climate change impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean and their implications for development Journal Article Reyer et al. 2017
Connecting land-use and water planning: Prospects for an urban water metabolism approach Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2017
Evaluation Approaches for Advancing Urban Water Goals Journal Article Renouf and Kenway 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
The materiality of human–water interaction in the Caribbean: an archaeological perspective Journal Article Niall P. Finneran 2017
Water management in Brussels: knowledge gained from the long time data series of the Flowbru regional telemetry system Journal Article de Ville and Verbanck 2017
Water technology and sustainability in north Cyprus : Climate change the Turkey-north Cyprus water pipeline Webpage Bryant and Mason 2017
A Critical Political Economy of the Small Island Developing States Concept: South–South Cooperation for Island Citizens? Journal Article Liam Campling 2016
A Methodology to Assess the Water Energy Food Ecosystems Nexus in Transboundary River Basins Journal Article de Strasser et al. 2016
A Vicious Circle? Altered Carbon and Nutrient Cycling May Explain the Low Resilience of Caribbean Coral Reefs Journal Article Pawlik et al. 2016
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Journal Article Dor and Kissinger 2016
African Urbanization: Assimilating Urban Metabolism into Sustainability Discourse and Practice Journal Article Currie and Musango 2016
An urban metabolism approach to the water supply of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) Thesis Stephen Passmore 2016
Groundwater vulnerability on small islands Journal Article Holding et al. 2016
Spatial flow analysis of water pollution in eco-natural systems Journal Article Zhou et al. 2016
Toward a Political Ecology of Biosocial Relations. Rethinking the Urban Water Metabolism beyond the City Report Schulz and Bruns 2016
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Towards a blockchain enabled social contract for sustainability - Creating a fair and just operating system for humanity Conference Paper Faber and Hadders 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Thesis Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Volume control: Stormwater and the politics of urban metabolism Journal Article Joshua Cousins 2016
Water-Energy-Food nexus: framing the opportunities, challenges and synergies for implementing the SDGs Journal Article Paul T. Yillia 2016
A political-industrial ecology of water supply infrastructure for Los Angeles Journal Article Cousins and Newell 2015
An application of system dynamics for evaluating planning alternatives to guide a green industrial transformation in a resource-based city Journal Article Kuai et al. 2015
Barriers to reducing climate enhanced disaster risks in Least Developed Country-Small Islands through anticipatory adaptation Journal Article Kuruppu and Willie 2015
Changing tourism patterns, capital accumulation, and urban water consumption in Mallorca, Spain: a sustainability fix? Journal Article Hof and Blázquez-Salom 2015
City, Ecology, Climate and the Common Good: State of Affairs, Challenges and Perspectives from Latin America. Journal Article Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos 2015
Climate implications on water stress and water-quality variations - a case study from Daduru Oya basin Conference Paper Rosairo and Jayasena 2015
Combined MFA and LCA approach to evaluate the metabolism of service polygons: A case study on a university campus Journal Article Lopes Silva et al. 2015
Energy and material flows of megacities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2015
Exploring the relationship between Melbourne's water metabolism and urban characteristics Conference Paper Athanassiadis et al. 2015
Governance of transitions towards sustainable development – the water–energy–food nexus in Cyprus Journal Article Halbe et al. 2015
Integrated Water Resources Management in Latin America and the Caribbean Book Section Donoso et al. 2015
Sustainability, Efficiency and Equitability of Water Consumption and Pollution in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mekonnen et al. 2015
Urban Metabolism and Quality of Life in Informal Areas Conference Paper Attia and Khalil 2015
Where does climate fit? Vulnerability to climate change in the context of multiple stressors in Funafuti, Tuvalu Journal Article McCubbin et al. 2015
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Conference Paper Nourhan Magdy 2014
Decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Reviewing Progress to Date in the Small Island State of Malta Journal Article Conrad and Cassar 2014
Decoupling Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Reviewing Progress to Date in the Small Island State of Malta Journal Article Conrad and Cassar 2014
Enabling Future Sustainability Transitions: An Urban Metabolism Approach to Los Angeles Journal Article Pincetl et al. 2014
Exploring urban mines: Pipe length and material stocks in urban water and wastewater networks Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2014
Global Environment Outlook Small Island Developing States Outlook Book Al-Jenaid et al. 2014
Impact of Wastewater Release on the Faecal Contamination of a Small Urban River: The Zenne River in Brussels (Belgium) Journal Article Ouattara et al. 2014
Promoting Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): A Case in the Grenadines Book Everson J. Peters 2014
The urban metabolism of the city of Uppsala (Sweden) Journal Article Russo et al. 2014
Urban Household Water Demand in Beijing by 2020: An Agent-Based Model Journal Article Yuan et al. 2014
Urban material flow analysis: An approach for Bogotá, Colombia Journal Article Alfonso Piña and Pardo Martínez 2014
Water equity – Contrasting tourism water use with that of the local community Journal Article Susanne Becken 2014
Water scarcity in Latin America and the Caribbean: myths and reality Book Section ABEL MEJÍA 2014
An input-output approach to evaluate the water footprint and virtual water trade of Beijing, China Journal Article Wang et al. 2013
An urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment of Metro Vancouver Journal Article Moore et al. 2013
Consumption based footprint of a city Conference Paper Worbe et al. 2013
Contextualizing the Urban Metabolism of Brussels: Correlation of resource use with local factors Conference Paper Philippe Bouillard Aristide Athanassiadis 2013
Nitrogen Flow Analysis in Bangkok City, Thailand: Area Zoning and Questionnaire Investigation Approach Journal Article Buathong et al. 2013
Resource Use and Waste Generation by the Tourism Industry on the Big Island of Hawaii Journal Article Osamu Saito 2013
Sustainable design of sanitation system based on material and value flow analysis for urban slum in Indonesia Journal Article Ushijima et al. 2013
An Analysis of Stocks and Flows Associated with Water Consumption in Indian Households Journal Article G. Venkatesh 2012
Climate Change and the Caribbean: Review and Response Journal Article Taylor et al. 2012
Freshwater Resources in the Insular Caribbean: An Environmental Perspective Journal Article Tamara Heartsill Scalley 2012
Islands, culture, landscape and seascape Journal Article Gloria Pungetti 2012
Measuring water use in a green economy Report UNEP 2012
Pathways and Management of Phosphorus in Urban Areas Journal Article Yuliya Kalmykova 2012
Using Life Cycle Assessment to Evaluate Green and Grey Combined Sewer Overflow Control Strategies Journal Article Sousa et al. 2012
Water Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Multi-Level Approach Report Aziza Akhmouch 2012
Analyses of water footprint of Beijing in an interregional input-output framework Journal Article Zhang et al. 2011
Conflicting Objectives of Trinidad's Water Pricing Policy: A Need for Good Water Pricing and Governance Journal Article Michelle Mycoo 2011
Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands Report UNEP 2011
Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands. Vulnerability assessment of freshwater resources to environmental change. Report UNEP 2011
Modeling the water consumption of Singapore using system dynamics Thesis Karen Noiva Welling 2011
Urban Metabolism in China Achieving Dematerialization and Decarbonization in Suzhou Journal Article Liang and Zhang 2011
Urban Water Mass Balance Analysis Journal Article Kenway et al. 2011
Water policy development and governance in the Caribbean: an overview of regional progress Journal Article Adrian C. Cashman 2011
Climate Change in the Caribbean: The Water Management Implications Journal Article Cashman et al. 2010
Ecological network analysis of an urban water metabolic system: Model development, and a case study for Beijing Journal Article Zhang et al. 2010
Management of water demand in the Caribbean region: current practices and future needs Journal Article Edwin Ekwue 2010
Marine Biodiversity in the Caribbean: Regional Estimates and Distribution Patterns Journal Article Miloslavich et al. 2010
Soil erosion risk mapping with new datasets: An improved identification and prioritisation of high erosion risk areas Journal Article Nigel and Rughooputh 2010
Adapting water resources to climate change in Kiribati: the importance of cultural values and meanings Journal Article Natasha Kuruppu 2009
Analysis of water consumption using a regional input-output model: Model development and application to Zhangye City, Northwestern China Journal Article Wang et al. 2009
Climate change implications for water resource management in Caribbean tourism Journal Article Emmanuel et al. 2009
Sponge community composition in the Derawan Islands, NE Kalimantan, Indonesia Journal Article Voogd et al. 2009
Using an Integrated Participatory Modeling Approach to Assess Water Management Options and Support Community Conversations on Maui Journal Article Bassi et al. 2009
A Demand-Centered, Hybrid Life-Cycle Methodology for City-Scale Greenhouse Gas Inventories Journal Article Ramaswami et al. 2008
Safe Water for People in Low, Small Island Pacific Nations: The rural–urban dilemma Journal Article White et al. 2008
Technical approach for a sustainable tourism development. Case study in the Balearic Islands Journal Article Fortuny et al. 2008
The energy and mass balance of Los Angeles County Journal Article Ngo and Pataki 2008
Urban Metabolism: The Case of Budapest Report Pomázi and 2008
The Changing Metabolism of Cities Journal Article Christopher Kennedy and Engel-Yan 2007
Urban metabolism and resource optimisation in the urban fabric: The BRIDGE methodology Working paper Nektarios Chrysoulakis 2007
Analysis of water demand and water pollutant discharge using a regional input-output table: An application to the City of Chongqing, upstream of the Three Gorges Dam in China Journal Article Okadera et al. 2006
Contrasting water footprints of cities in China and the United States Journal Article Jenerette et al. 2006
Islands, island studies, island studies journal Journal Article Godfrey Baldacchino 2006
The city in the middle of the marshes: dynamics between urban economy and wetlands in the Brussels region, 12th -16th century" Working paper Charruadas and Deligne 2006
The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (IBNET) Database Data portal 2005
Weather Forecasts are for Wimps: Why Water Resource Managers Do Not Use Climate Forecasts Journal Article Rayner et al. 2005
Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Small Island Nations of the Pacific Conference Paper White et al. 2004
Water, women and community in Trinidad, West Indies Journal Article Schneiderman and Reddock 2004
Environmental relations and biophysical transition: the case of trinket island Journal Article Singh and Grünbühel 2003
Estimating the urban metabolism of Canadian cities: Greater Toronto Area case study Journal Article Sahely et al. 2003
Inequities in access to and use of drinking water services in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Soares et al. 2002
The Metabolism of the Industrial City: The Case of Pittsburgh Journal Article Joel A. Tarr 2002
Towards a sustainable use of water resources: a whole-ecosystem approach using network analysis Journal Article Bodini and Bondavalli 2002
An ecological footprint of Liverpool Report Barett and Scott 2001
Environmental History in the Pacific World Book J.R. McNeill 2001
Escalating trends in the urban metabolism of Hong Kong: 1971-1997 Journal Article Warren-Rhodes and Koenig 2001
Applications of artificial neural-networks for energy systems Journal Article Soteris A. Kalogirou 2000
Abel Wolman's 'the metabolism of cities' revisited: a case for water recycling and reuse Journal Article Hermanowicz and Asano 1999
Yearly per Capita Residential Water Consumption Dataset 1995
Integrated Water Resource Management in Latin America and the Caribbean: Opportunities and Constraints Journal Article Dourojeanni and Nelson 1987
L'écosystème URBS: L'écosystème urbain bruxellois Book Section Duvigneaud and Denayer-De Smet 1977
The Metabolism of Cities Journal Article Abel Wolman 1965
Water Characteristics of the Caribbean Sea Journal Article Wilton Sturges 1965