Sustainable Agriculture Market Intelligence Report 2016

Table of contents:

List of figures
List of tables
Executive summary
Introduction and purpose
Sector overview
Physical geography
Economic overview
South African agriculture
Agriculture commodities in South Africa
Production trends in South African agriculture
Western Cape agriculture
Key players
Drivers of green technologies and approaches in agriculture
Climate change and water scarcity
Environmental degradation
Market pressure and limited resources
Electricity cost and supply
Policies and regulations
Land reform
Carbon tax
Opportunities and barriers
Energy efficiency in the Western Cape’s agricultural sector
Solar PV in the Western Cape’s agricultural sector
Conservation agriculture
Precision agriculture
Water efficiency
The growing market for drone technology in agriculture
Biological control
Bioenergy Biogas from agricultural waste
Funding and incentives
Manufacturing incentives
The Western Cape: Africa’s growing greentech hub
GreenCape’s support to businesses and investors
Appendix A: Key role players

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Cape Town

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