Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.00. Land Use

Title Type Author(s) Year
Location of Agricultural land within the Cape Town metropolitan area. Dataset City of Cape Town 2016

3.06. Fossil fuel production and distribution

3.18. Manufacturing: wood

Title Type Author(s) Year
A material flow analysis of wood and paper in Cape Town: is there potential to redirect flows in formal and informal sectors to foster use as a renewable resource? Journal Article | International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development Nissing and von Blottnitz 2007

3.30. Waste

Title Type Author(s) Year
Social MFA: Scrap Metal in the Context of Cape Town Thesis Logan Gardner 2018
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2018 Report GreenCape 2018
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2017 Report GreenCape 2017
Waste Market Intelligence Report 2016 Report GreenCape 2016

3.31. Water and sanitation

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