Sustainable Agriculture Market Intelligence Report 2018

Executive summary

1. Introduction and purpose

2. Sector overview

2.1. Physical geography and climate

2.2. Economic overview

2.2.1. South African agriculture

2.2.2. Western Cape agriculture

2.3. Key players

2.4. Drivers of green technologies and approaches in agriculture

2.4.1. Water scarcity as a driver for greentech uptake in agriculture

2.5. Support available in the Western Cape

3. Policies and regulations

3.1. Agriculture policies and regulations

3.1.1. Carbon tax

3.1.2. Water

3.1.3. Land reform

3.1.4. Initiatives promoting sustainable production

3.2. Investment policies and regulations

4. Opportunities and barriers

4.1. Market updates for 2018: energy efficiency, renewable energy, and conservation agriculture 19
4.2. Controlled environment agriculture

4.2.1. Overview

4.2.2. Market update

4.2.3. Barriers to investment

4.3. Precision agriculture: drone technology in agriculture

4.3.1. Overview

4.3.2. Market uptake

4.3.3. Barriers to investment

4.4. Emerging trends

4.4.1. Mobile applications in agriculture

4.4.2. ICT for smallholder farmers: improving risk profiles for credit and access to insurance
5. Funding and incentives

5.1. Agriculture funding and incentives

5.2. ICT funding incentives

5.3. Financing for climate-smart agriculture

5.4. General funding opportunities

5.4.1. Green Finance Database

5.4.2. Other databases

5.4.3. Funding opportunities of note

5.4.4. Funding gaps of note

5.4.5. Assistance available

5.5. Manufacturing incentives

6. The Western Cape: Africa’s growing greentech hub

7. GreenCape’s support to businesses and investors

Appendix A: Key role players


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