Layer 1: Context

1.1. Administrative boundaries

Title Type Author(s) Year
Buurten Shapefile 2018

1.2. Economic activity - descriptions

Title Type Author(s) Year
Cities of making : Cities Report Investigating the role of urban manufacturing Report Cities of Making 2018

1.4. Population

Title Type Author(s) Year
Gender distribution 1993-2018 Dataset
Number of residents by age 1993-2018 Dataset
Number of residents in The Hague 1900-2018 Dataset
Residents per neighbourhood 1977-2017 Dataset
Residents per neighbourhood 2014-2018 Dataset

1.5. Policy documents

Title Type Author(s) Year
Nota Duurzaamheid: Schone energie in een groene stad. De Haagse aanpak Document Municipality The Hague 2019
Circulair The Hague - Transition to a sustainable economy Report Municipality The Hague 2017
Water agenda The Hague Document Hague and Delfland 2016
General Rules Delfland Statute Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland 2015
The Hague Sustainability Agenda 2015-2020 Report Municipality 2015
Climate plan of The Hague Report The Municipality of The Hague 2011

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