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Data collection for multiscale integration project

Created on Tuesday 15 June 2021, 16:20

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    In Progress
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    Data research
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    Multi-scale integration
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    Gerardo Ezequiel
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Francisco Felix
    Gerardo Ezequiel
    Paul Hoekman
    Taina Wanderley
    Yves Bettignies Cari
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The general goal is to simulate flows/stock data of urban territories using readily available data at larger scale (i.e. national); we'll use a "proxy-parameter(s)" (which can be as simple or complex as needed), known at both large-scale and urban scale to bridge the two scales and output (simulated) urban flows/stocks.

We aim to collect data from standardized sources, and if possible available globally.

There are a series of datasets involved in this downscaling approach:

large-scale/national-level datasets

These datasets should contain :
1. An explicit territorial description (e.g. shp file)
2. Flow/stock data
3. indicators that can be used as proxy
e.g.: IRP global MFA
→ of course, these can be a combination of datasets!

urban scale dataset

should contain:
1. An explicit territorial description (e.g. shp file)
2. indicators that can be used as proxy
e.g.: NUTS for europe
→ of course, these can be a combination of datasets!

cross-scale data for enrichment

These are data at a scale that is compatible with the two above-mentioned scales, and which provides possible enrichment of the two datasets.
e.g.: Building characteristics from OpenStreeMap could be used in the proxy-parameter for downscaling

the task is :
1. find and discuss the datasets in the appropriate section of the Spec. document
2. input the datasets in the database

General instructions

Finding new sources of data, new methods of collecting data, research on data types for further development

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Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to Gerardo Ezequiel

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Status change: In Progress → On Hold

Hi all!

Thanks for making this task Yves, and for jumping on it Gerardo! I would just recommend one thing... it currently says:

the task is :
1. find and discuss the datasets in the appropriate section of the Spec. document
2. input the datasets in the database

It would however be useful to split things up and make THIS task exclusively about point 1. It can maybe be rephrased as:
Identify and decide on the most important datasets for the multiscale integration project

Just having a list with the most important datasets, and having an internal discussion and decision on which ones should be considered authoritative, will be incredibly useful. Once this is done, adding them into the database can be a separate task.

Yves, if you are happy with this change please make the slight adjustments in the task description/name. But of course if you feel differently just give a shout. BTW: it would also be useful to link the spec doc in the description.

Lastly, I understood from Simron's latest e-mail that you will be helping on behalf of MOI with this task Francisco... great! I would say don't hold back and feel free to add datasets to the spec document - and to add any questions or comments you might have here.

Last edited: 2021-06-17 17:01:45.494721+00:00

Hello all, how are you?

Thank you for all the work. I added some observations and suggestions for the MFA to the spec document. If needed we can discuss this

Great Francisco! I have moved them a bit as some were duplicated, just so that we can add comments on each source in a single place. But great input. Question: do you know if all these sources have a permissive license? We need that in order to be able to republish their data.

Very interesting input Francisco!

For now I am more focused on how to extract the administrative boundaries with which to proceed with downscaling. This weekend when I have some more time I will be working on adding more global data sources.

Right now I am reviewing the differences between:

Because the city scale is hard to find, I am also downloading a complete mirror of open street map (60GB) in order to extract cities (and any information we would need) from all over the world.

Last edited: 2021-06-18 06:32:45.757346+00:00

Status change: On Hold → In Progress

Great Gerardo! Quick note, we looked at GADM before but their license isn't great. See also this blurb on the site you linked:

As a final note, although GADM has no restrictions for personal and academic use, commercial use requires a licensing fee that is potentially prohibitive for small to medium sized business usage. GAUL and SALB also prohibits commercial use of their data products. This is in stark contrast to Natural Earth and CShapes, which implement Creative Commons licenses, and Esri/Garmin’s World Countries data product that is bundled with Esri GIS products and have complex transference rules.

I'm OK with the proposed change Paul, I'll split the task then
Great work already with the datasets!
Edit: while 'in progress" task is uneditable. I'll do it later

Last edited: 2021-06-21 15:01:15.346780+00:00