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Add missing photos to cities in the data hub

Created on Wednesday 2 June 2021, 19:49

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Create visualisation or graphic
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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 General data hub improvements Good entry-level task
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    Ramiro Schiavo
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    Aristide Athanassiadis
    Paul Hoekman
    Ramiro Schiavo
    Taina Wanderley

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In our data hub we have almost 90 active cities, which is great! See the overview here. However, as you can see a number of them don't have any photos - and some have photos that are just not great at all and should be replaced. In order to make our data hub presentable it would be great to at least get an initial photo into each of the cities.

If you are not yet familiar with obtaining properly-licensed photos, please see this instruction video. It explains what you need to know to get started.

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to Ramiro Schiavo

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Hi Ramiro,

Thanks for working on this task! I saw you have already uploaded quite a few -- great! Hereby some initial feedback pointers based on a few observations:

  • Please make sure you upload the high-resolution version of the photo. For instance, this image is very small. Make sure that you download the original photo - or at least one that is 1500 pixels wide as a minimum. I am attaching a screenshot of what it looks like in Wikipedia when you click the download button -- this leads to the option to download the original.
  • Try to find photos that are taken vertically and not horizontally, as they will fit our format best.
  • Make sure you don't upload a collection of photos as a single photo. Like this one or this one. I know wikipedia has these photo sets, but it is again best to single out a specific photo and take that one.

Lastly, one tip. The photos that you upload will become the "header" photo for the city. I recommend that after uploading, you open the city's main dashboard and you have a look at what the header looks like. If it looks neat, clear, and sharp, then we have a winner. I am attaching two examples for contrast: the Buenos Aires profile looks good with this single photos, whereas the Glasgow profile has the "photo collection" and is in low resolution, and therefore doesn't look great.

Let me know if these things make sense, and if there is any question. I would recommend you edit the existing photos instead of creating new items.

Hello Paul,

Last edited: 2021-06-10 17:08:14.320570+00:00

Hi Paul,
1) Could you change the photo in Jaen and Cali? I have upload new one in each city.
2) Should I change in Ciudad del Carmen and Chicago (out of focus?)

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Great work Ramiro!! This is looking SO much better, thanks so much for all the new images already!

In terms of your points:

1) I have changed these photos
2) Yes, please change them as they are indeed not ideal
3) Could you also change: Lima and Metro Vancouver so that we don't have satellite images as the main image?
4) Singapore's photo is also blurry and not even an open access image, as far as I can tell. Can you change that one as well?

Hi Paul,
1) I have made the corresponding changes, you would only have to place the photos as a header.
2) Could you tell me what is the aesthetic criteria to choose a photo for this work? I have placed monuments, government buildings, etc. But from your perspective for the page, which is the ideal photo to correctly represent MoC.


Fantastic stuff Ramiro!!
I have replaced the header photos where relevant. Have a look and let me know if I forgot anything. I think it looks amazing and the overall list with cities is SO MUCH better, as well as the individual city portals where the photos were previously not there, or not really great. WONDERFUL!
In terms of point 2) I would say photos that show a nice "city-scape" where you see e.g. the skyline, or some iconic buildings but not necessarily in isolation, so with some of the surroundings, are great. Ideally someone who knows the city and sees that photo can right away recognize it. Many of the photos currently in the system are good and I would say for the moment no further changes needed. If you feel strongly about a certain pic that you want to improve, do feel free to go ahead, but no pressure.
There is just one pic where I did not see a new one yet which is Lima. Could you look into that one as well?

Lima is ready!

Hi guys!
Ramiro, I totally agree with Paul, the photos are great! But, sorry, can I also suggest to change the cover photo to Rio de Janeiro? I'm uploading some I have. Tell me what you think!

Thanks for changing Lima Ramiro, looking really good!!

Taina, great you have been adding new pics for Rio de Janeiro. I've changed the main photos based on the ones you uploaded. If you have a specific one you'd like to put first, let me know!

Hey Ramiro,
Thanks for the fantastic effort. It is so much nicer now to have photos for all the cities of the Data Hub!
Really cool!

Ramiro, can I ask one last change? The photo for London is of a specific building (not sure which building, but not sure if it's very iconic). Would you be able to find a more landscape/cityscape photo that shows more of the city as a whole? Something showing the river / skyline / that wheel thing / Big Ben / etc would be great I think.

Thanks Tai! ...Yours also very GOOD!

Thanks Aris!

Paul, ready London.

Last edited: 2021-06-16 20:45:37.554277+00:00

Wonderful Ramiro, thanks again!!

Ramiro... sorry to bother... one more request: could you look at the Kigali, Durban and Huancayo photos? They are very low-resolution at the moment.

Last edited: 2021-06-17 16:36:11.785870+00:00

Ramiro, just to let you know that your work of adding the photos is not only valuable for the general list with cities, but they are also used in the brand new map that we have on the homepage, where the pics are shown when you click on a marker!

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Status change: Open → In Progress

Ok, Paul!, Noted!

Durban 2880x2160px ,panoramic Cali 3840x992px ( I decided to change this too!) instead of the building., Huancayo 2038x931 px, Kigali 3000x200px.

1) in Cali I upload new pic. I use a panoramic, this makes sense for you?
2) in Durban and Huancayo is the same pic but with the highest px.
3)Kigali, is a new one with the highest px.
4) I am attentive to any changes that need to be made.
5) Kitigan Zibi, the pic is too small, but I need more time to find same that does not have "all rights reserved". Perhaps I will need help with this pic.

Last edited: 2021-06-18 01:20:22.404622+00:00

Great stuff Ramiro -- all looking very good!! For Kitigan Zibi I also don't know a better picture. We can leave that one for now, and keep it on our radar. We might contact the person who originally started with the place to see if they can contribute a good photo...

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Status change: Completed → Open

Status change: Open → In Progress

Hi Paul,
1) I uploaded new photo in Barranquilla (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 ), You only should change the header for the new one.
2) New photo in Cali (CC BY-ND 2.0 ).
3) In relation to License 1) And 2) , I do not found exactly in your page the license.
4) New photo in León.

Perfect Ramiro!! All is done, I swapped the Barranquilla picture, and I think the rest looks good! Many thanks as usual!

Status change: In Progress → Completed