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Review, tag and publish gps coordinates

Created on Thursday 3 September 2020, 11:46

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again, I do not find the path for updating the file. I can access my tasks, but when clicking on the task, I do not get to the menu where I can actually work on the fils i.e., update it. Attached the corrected file (coordenates were in wrong numer format). Thanks

Hi Jens,
What do you mean by updating? Do you want to replace the existing file or add an additional one?
If you want to replace an existing one, you can delete it, after clicking on "edit" (green arrow) and then scroll to the bottom, where you delete a file and upload another one. Perhaps you are more used to this path: and this helps you?

Thats exactly what I wanted to do. But I do not see the "edit" button. See screenshot
path:, but the same with the path you sent..

(Sorry for the late response, I've just come back from winter hibernation / staycation ;) - "Frohes Neues" noch lieber Jens!!)

Have you resolved it by now? From the screenshot it looks, as if you aren't logged in, also because you aren't able to create the preview map. However, it does show the green "you are logged in" field, so you must have just logged in. Did you refresh the page thereafter? I'm not sure if it has something to do with access privileges...I can't ask Paul right now, because he is on holidays and will only be back Jan 18. Hope we can address this soon.

Hi Carolin,
frohes Neues also to you, and dont worry, no hurry from my side. We can check this out when Pasul is back, no problem.