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Show data viz inside a reference space

Created on Tuesday 6 September 2022, 13:22

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Programming work
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    General data hub improvements
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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Currently if a reference space (e.g. a wastewater treatment plant) has any data associated with it (e.g. the quantity of wastewater processed there), a table is shown on the reference space page. However it would be more user-friendly and useful to show a table with the data. This also allows for separate visualizations (e.g. input vs output) instead of a single table.

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

Graphs are now shown on each reference space. The system takes the standard data viz for the specific document that contains the data, and shows the selected charts (bar chart, line chart, etc) that are configured in the data viz settings, but the data are restricted to only include those for that specific reference space. Attached before and after shots.

Status change: Open → Completed

Eeey, this is pretty nice! Cool that you implemented this :)

What happens if there are multiple datasets associated with a ref space? E.g. for an incineration plant you might have the amounts of wastes being burnt and then how much energy is produced. Can both datasets be displayed as viz?

Thanks, good to hear you like this Carolin ;-)

There are multiple visualizations on the page if there are multiple documents, one underneath the other.

Ah nice 😊