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Document MoC repository installation for Mac

Created on Monday 5 September 2022, 13:12

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    General administrative work
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    General data hub improvements
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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We've heard of some people having issues with running the MoC repository (from Github) on their Mac. Joe said that he is able to run the application, however, the database files are not publicly downloadable - the links are not working (from the"

The task therefore is to document clearly what needs to be done to make it work on a Mac. This should include a list of what is needed, in addition to the Github info (if anything), such as latest database, etc.

Discussion and updates

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hi Paul, I can't push my change to the github repo, my github account is joevu88 ( Please help

Hey Joe, the repo should be public, no? Anyone can create a pull request. If you get any specific error can you let me know?

❯ git push origin fix/mac_installation
ERROR: Permission to metabolism-of-cities/metabolism-of-cities-platform.git denied to joevu88.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

the is the error. It never happens to other repositories.

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Hi Joe, are the other projects you contribute to open source projects or private ones? It would be easiest for me if you create a pull request, see eg

You should be pushing to your own forked repository, not to the moc repository. We can set you up with full access later but using this standard pull request method would be easiest for now. Is that possible from your side?

thanks @Paul, I am able to create the first pull request Please have a look.

I only contributed to private repositories so I am totally confused what needs to be done. Sorry about that.

Thanks Joe, I am glad you got it sorted.

I had a look at your changes and would like your clarification on two changes that you made outside of the changes to the readme.

  1. You added a new package to the sample settings (django_extensions). Can you explain why it is needed?
  2. You removed the hard-coded versioning of feedparser but as it says in the comments we need that specific version for a reason. Did you check that this concern was addressed?

One more thing, in the instructions I see you list that people need postgis, gdal etc. but are you not using Docker on MacOS?

  1. There are several benefits of djang-extension, including: sql query log, urls check, auto import model on shell_plus...
  2. the hardcoded versioning is a mistake, I will revert that. I am sorry.
  3. postgis and gdal is for Mac installation without Docker. I will add Docker instruction later on.

github issue - this is the docker issue with GDAL and PROJ 6, there are many other issues too

I have fixed them all and able to update the dockerfile too, I am going to do the final build + run on my machine and push new change.


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PR: link

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