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Create translation table between EMP codes and EW-MFA materials

Created on Wednesday 27 April 2022, 10:53

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At the moment we have the "Energy, materials and products (EMP) catalog", see here. It is already largely based on EW-MFA MF1-4 material codes (*). However, it doesn't align precisely. What needs to be done is either:

  • adjust the current EMP codes: This is a bit tricky because we already have quite some data with these codes. And we have expanded on the codes for a reason, namely that we needed to adjust it to our needs.
  • create a translation/correspondence table: A starting point would be to make an overview of the EMP codes in a google spreadsheet and then try to match the EW-MFA codes with those.

WHY: This is needed so that when EW-MFA data is uploaded, the system can relate it to the EMP codes. Later on, this facilitates that we can make Sankey diagrams based on the correct classification, make calculations etc.

(*) See here from page 12.
The breakdown by type of material employs a classification of materials. This EW-MFA classification of materials is hierarchical with main material flow categories (1-digit level). Each main category is further broken down, maximal down to 4-digit-level:

  • 1-digit: material category;
  • 2-digit: material class;
  • 3-digit: material group;
  • 4-digit: material sub-group.

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