Energy, exergy, economic and advanced and extended exergy analyses of a wind turbine

Energy, exergy, economic, advanced exergy, and extended exergy analyses are reported of a Bergey Excel-S wind turbine with nominal power of 10 kW in two cities: Tehran (medium wind potential) and Manjil (high wind potential). The results show that the energy efficiency of the wind turbine is higher in Manjil (3.33%) than Tehran (1.08%). The exergy efficiency in these areas is lower. This means that the exergy efficiency in Manjil is 10.8% but in Tehran is 6.43%. The cost of electricity generated by the wind turbine in Tehran is 0.23US$kWh. This cost is reduced to 0.73US$kWh in Manjil. The advanced exergy analysis demonstrates that the avoidable exergy destruction percentage of the wind turbine increases with wind speed. The extended exergy analysis shows that, in windy areas, the highest exergy percentage is exhibited by the system’s input and output exergy flows and power production (88.7%), while, in areas with medium wind speed potential, the exergy is equal to is the equivalent extended exergy content of the influx of capital cost (58.9%).

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