Electricity production capacities for renewables and wastes

"Net maximum electrical capacity" per

RA100 Hydro
RA110 Pure hydro power
RA110ROR Run-of-river hydro power
RA120 Mixed hydro power
RA130 Pumped hydro power
RA200 Geothermal
RA300 Wind
RA310 Wind on shore
RA320 Wind off shore
RA400 Solar
RA410 Solar thermal
RA420 Solar photovoltaic
RA420KW_LT20 Solar photovoltaic (< 20 kW)
RA420KW20-1000 Solar photovoltaic (20 kW - 1000 kW)
RA420MW_GT1 Solar photovoltaic (1+ MW)
RA420OG Solar photovoltaic (Off grid)
RA500 Tide, wave, ocean
R5100 Solid biofuels
R5220P Pure biodiesels
R5290 Other liquid biofuels
R5300 Biogases
W6000 Waste
W6100 Industrial waste (non-renewable)
W6200 Municipal waste

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