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Title Type Author(s) Year
Developing a Design-Led Approach for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Cities Journal Article Rob Roggema Wanglin Yan 2019
Feeding the Urban Metabolism within Planetary Boundaries - A Policy for future-proof Phosphorus Supply of a medium-sized Western European City with respect to its Global Hinterland Thesis Lisa Harseim 2019
Germany: Hamburg aims to legalize dumpster diving Magazine Article Deutsche Welle 2019
Materials flow analysis of a desert food production system: The case of bell peppers Journal Article Meidad Kissinger Sharon Ravitz Wyngaard 2019
Vulnerability of a Northeast Mediterranean Island to Soil Loss. Can Grazing Management Mitigate Erosion? Journal Article Panagopoulos et al. 2019
A Socio-metabolic Transition of Diets on a Greek Island: Evidence of “Quiet Sustainability” Book Section Petridis and Huber 2018
Achieving sustainable small ruminant farming on Samothraki Document Dominik et al. 2017
Caloric unequal exchange in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Falconi et al. 2017
Coupling Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Methodologies for Screening Flow and Emission of Biomass Energy in the Agricultural System Conference Paper Latifah A. Ghani 2017
Linking Material Flow Analysis with Resilience Using Rice: A Case Study in Global, Visual MFA of a Key Food Product Journal Article Monit et al. 2016
Beyond Boserup: The Role of Working Time in Agricultural Development Book Section Ringhofer et al. 2014
Demand and Supply of Fresh Products in Galapagos Report P. Berube 2014
Rapid growth in agricultural trade: effects on global area-efficiency and the role of management. Journal Article Kastner et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism - Sustainable development of Rotterdam Book Rotterdam et al. 2014
An urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment of Metro Vancouver Journal Article Moore et al. 2013
Right to food, right to the city: Household urban agriculture, and socionatural metabolism in Managua, Nicaragua Journal Article Laura J. Shillington 2013
Nitrogen food-print: N use and N cascade from livestock systems in relation to pork, beef and milk supply to Paris Journal Article Chatzimpiros and Barles 2012
Socio-metabolic transitions in subsistence communities. Boserup Revisted Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011
Metro Vancouver: Designing for Urban Food Production Journal Article Roehr and Kunigk 2009
Study of Demand and Supply of Agricultural Products in Galapagos Report C. Zapata 2009
Proposal for Market-Focused Agriculture and Livestock Policy in Galapagos Report C. Zapata 2008
Approximate Analysis of Agricultural Product Flows and Market Elements in Galapagos Report Chiriboga and Maignan 2006
The Biomass Metabolism of the Food System: A Model-Based Survey of the Global and Regional Turnover of Food Biomass Journal Article Stefan Wirsenius 2003