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Title Type Author(s) Year
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A Hybrid Approach for Assessing the Multi-Scale Impacts of Urban Resource Use: Transportation in Phoenix, Arizona Journal Article Clark and Chester 2017
The role of port and logistic activities in Brussels Journal Article Mathieu Strale 2017
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Journal Article Dor and Kissinger 2016
Transport and mobility Report CBS 2016
Maintenance and Expansion: Modeling Material Stocks and Flows for Residential Buildings and Transportation Networks in the EU25 Journal Article Wiedenhofer et al. 2015
The Spanish Transition to Industrial Metabolism: Long-Term Material Flow Analysis (1860-2010) Journal Article Infante-Amate et al. 2015
An integrated material metabolism model for stocks of urban road system in Beijing, China Journal Article Guo et al. 2014
Freight transport in Brussels and its impact on road traffic? Journal Article Cathy Macharis Philippe Lebeau 2014
The role of in-use stocks in the social metabolism and in climate change mitigation Journal Article Pauliuk and Müller 2014
Centennial Evolution of Aluminum In-Use Stocks on Our Aluminized Planet Journal Article Gang Liu and Müller 2013
The future of mobility and its critical raw materials Journal Article Ziemann et al. 2013
Reconciling sectoral abatement strategies with global climate targets: The case of the Chinese passenger vehicle fleet Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2012
The role of automobiles for the future of aluminium recycling Journal Article Modaresi and Müller 2012
Transport of goods to and from the center of Brussels: using the port to improve sustainability Book Section van Lier and Macharis 2011
A comparison of the sustainability of public and private transportation systems: Study of the Greater Toronto Area Journal Article Christopher A. Kennedy 2002