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Title Type Author(s) Year
Impacts of transportation network companies on urban mobility Journal Article Diao et al. 2021
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery by Automated Vehicles and Robots Journal Article Li et al. 2021
The impact of Uber and Lyft on vehicle ownership, fuel economy, and transit across U.S. cities Journal Article Ward et al. 2021
Topic classification of electric vehicle consumer experiences with transformer-based deep learning Journal Article Ha et al. 2021
Connected & autonomous vehicles – Environmental impacts – A review Journal Article Kopelias et al. 2020
Externalities of the Sharing Economy: Evidence from Ridesharing and the Local Housing Market Report Rachel Xiao 2020
Going green: The effect of green labels on delivery time slot choices Document Agatz et al. 2020
Innovative Mobility: Carsharing Outlook Carsharing Market Overview, Analysis, And Trends. Winter 2020 Report Shaheen and Cohen 2020
Issues in Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Deployment Report Bill Canis 2020
On-demand automotive fleet electrification can catalyze global transportation decarbonization and smart urban mobility Journal Article Bauer et al. 2020
Who co-opted our energy efficiency gains? A sociology of macro-level rebound effects and US car makers Journal Article R. Galvin 2020
A smart solution to rush-hour traffic congestion: Effects of dockless bike-sharing entry on ride-sharing Journal Article Qin et al. 2019
Big data application in sustainable supply chains: a transportation industry case Book Section Hu et al. 2019
Carsharing's impact and future Book Section Shaheen et al. 2019
Do transportation network companies decrease or increase congestion? Journal Article Erhardt et al. 2019
Effects of on-demand ridesourcing on vehicle ownership, fuel consumption, vehicle miles traveled, and emissions per capita in U.S. States Journal Article Ward et al. 2019
Exploring the Relationships Among Travel Multimodality, Driving Behavior, Use of Ridehailing and Energy Consumption Report Circella et al. 2019
Funding the transition to all zero-emission vehicles Document Slowik et al. 2019
Measuring the Impact of Ride-Hailing Firms on Urban Congestion: The Case of Uber in Europe and United States Report Xavier Fageda 2019
Shared E-Scooters: Paving the Road Ahead Report Gubman et al. 2019
The roles of users in electric, shared and automated mobility transitions Journal Article Axsen and Sovacool 2019
This AI idea has many fans Journal Article Heather Clancy 2019
Value co-creation for sustainable consumption and production in the sharing economy in China Journal Article Ma et al. 2019
A Blockchain Based Liability Attribution Framework for Autonomous Vehicles Report Oham et al. 2018
A review on energy, environmental, and sustainability implications of connected and automated vehicles Journal Article Taiebat et al. 2018
Ride with me—ethnic discrimination, social markets, and the sharing economy Journal Article Tjaden et al. 2018
Sharing economy and sustainability logic: Analyzing the use of shared bikes Journal Article Rechene et al. 2018
Towards a sharing economy – Innovating ecologies of business models Journal Article Boons and Bocken 2018
Disruptive Transportation: The Adoption, Utilization, and Impacts of Ride-Hailing in the United States Report Clewlow et al. 2017
Keeping Vehicle Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Check in a Driverless Vehicle World Report Circella et al. 2017
Mobility and environmental impacts of car sharing in the Netherlands Journal Article Nijland and van Meerkerk 2017
The taking economy: Uber, information, and power Journal Article Calo and Rosenblat 2017
Disruptive change in the taxi business: The case of Uber Journal Article Cramer and Krueger 2016
Uber v. regulation: “Ride-sharing” creates a legal gray area Journal Article Yanelys Crespo 2016
Use of IoT Technology to Drive the Automotive Industry from Connected to Full Autonomous Vehicles Journal Article Krasniqi and Hajrizi 2016
Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus: The Case of Uber Report Cohen et al. 2016
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America Journal Article Martin and Shaheen 2011
The Impact of Carsharing on Public Transit and Non-Motorized Travel: An Exploration of North American Carsharing Survey Data Journal Article Martin and Shaheen 2011
Impact of Carsharing on Household Vehicle Holdings: Results from North American Shared-Use Vehicle Survey Journal Article Martin et al. 2010