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Title Type Author(s) Year
IoT based Smart Agriculture Journal Article Gondchawar and Kawitkar
Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Value-Chain Approach and its Application to Food, Construction and Textiles Report Lopez et al. 2021
Blockchain Technology for Agriculture: Applications and Rationale Journal Article Xiong et al. 2020
Drone Technology in Precision Agriculture: Are There No Environmental Concerns? Journal Article Ade Dawodu 2020
Microsoft, Danone partner to advance AI-based sustainable food solutions Newspaper Article 2020
The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce Journal Article Gee et al. 2020
IoT Based Intelligent Agriculture Field Monitoring System Conference Paper Ashifuddin Mondal and Rehena 2018
IoT agriculture system based on LoRaWAN Conference Paper Davcev et al. 2018
Moeda to finance 18 Brazil-based businesses in support of UN's sustainable development goals program Newspaper Article 2018
IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology Conference Paper Jaiganesh et al. 2017
IOT in agriculture Conference Paper Shenoy and Pingle 2016
Ecological citizenship and sustainable consumption: Examining local organic food networks Journal Article Gill Seyfang 2006