Kigali: State of Environment and Outlook Report

The City of Kigali is the focus of the 2013 serial of State of the Environment Report as appropriately titled Kigali: State of Environment and Outlook Report 2013. Rwanda maintained a high annual GDP growth rate of over 8.2 per cent during the 5-year implementation of the Economic Development and
Poverty Reduction Strategy, EDPRS I (2008-2012). The country is taking a ‘green economy’ approach to economic transformation as a priority in the second phase, EDPRS 2 (2013-2018) as efforts are stepped up to attain even faster GDP growth of 11.5 per cent.Bearing in mind that the City of Kigali, Rwanda’s
financial and economic hub, contributes 50 per cent of the country’s GDP, it is critical that the status of the City’s environment is given due consideration
for appropriate adaptation requirements that make possible green economic growth.

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