Freguesias de Anadia - Anadia Parishes - CAOP 2019

Anadia Administrative Boundaries of 2019

EN | CAOP records the state of delimitation and demarcation of the country's administrative districts, i.e. the official district, county and parish boundaries (these boundaries also have correspondence with NUTS I, NUTS II and NUTS III, according to Law no. 75/2013 of 12 September). Its elaboration and conservation is one of the attributions of the Directorate General of the Territory, under the terms of paragraph l) of no. 2 of article 2 of Regulatory Decree no. 30/2012 of 13 March, and the attribution of the univocal code of each parish (DICOFRE) is the responsibility of the National Institute of Statistics. The Assembly of the Republic is the body with powers recognised by law to amend and set administrative limits. CAOP 2019 resulted from the changes in the administrative boundaries of parishes/county councils resulting from the publication of several diplomas, published between the date of publication of CAOP2018 and December 2019. Guides to support the use of WMS and WFS/ATOM services can be accessed in the open data area of the DGT Portal.


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