Urban Atlas - Building Height 2012

A 10m high resolution raster layer containing height information is generated for core urban areas of capitals of the EEA39 as part of the Urban atlas. Height information is based on IRS-P5 stereo images and derived datasets like the digital surface model, the digital terrain model and the normalized DSM.

Products can be downloaded by clicking on the delivered (dark-red) urban areas in the Web View tab, or by selecting the desired FUA(s) in the table below. Results can be filtered by using the search box. There is one zip archive per area, which includes: (1) the actual raster data in GeoTIFF format (ETRS89-LAEA); (2) an XML-file with metadata and (3) document with results of quality checks.

Associated spaces

Amsterdam , Ankara , Athens , Belgrade , Berlin , Bern , Bratislava , Brussels , Bucharest , ... view all (0)

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