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Document name NUTS 2 - 2016
File size 6.8 MB
Layer name NUTS_RG_01M_2016_4326
Coordinate reference system WGS_1984
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The Commission agrees to grant the non-exclusive and not transferable right to use and process the Eurostat/GISCO geographical data downloaded from this page (the "data").

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the source will be acknowledged. A copyright notice, as specified below, will have to be visible on any printed or electronic publication using the data downloaded from this page.
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When data downloaded from this page is used in any printed or electronic publication, in addition to any other provisions applicable to the whole Eurostat website, data source will have to be acknowledged in the legend of the map and in the introductory page of the publication with the following copyright notice:

EN: © EuroGeographics for the administrative boundaries

FR: © EuroGeographics pour les limites administratives

DE: © EuroGeographics bezüglich der Verwaltungsgrenzen

For publications in languages other than English, French or German, the translation of the copyright notice in the language of the publication shall be used.

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          GEOGCS["WGS 84",
        SPHEROID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563,
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2 CH02 CH Espace Mittelland CH02
2 CH03 CH Nordwestschweiz CH03
2 AL02 AL Qender AL02
2 AL03 AL Jug AL03
2 BG33 BG Североизточен BG33
2 DE13 DE Freiburg DE13
2 CZ05 CZ Severovýchod CZ05
2 AT32 AT Salzburg AT32
2 CH04 CH Zürich CH04
2 CH05 CH Ostschweiz CH05
2 ES53 ES Illes Balears ES53
2 BG34 BG Югоизточен BG34
2 AT11 AT Burgenland AT11
2 BG41 BG Югозападен BG41
2 AT33 AT Tirol AT33
2 DE14 DE Tübingen DE14
2 AT34 AT Vorarlberg AT34
2 BE10 BE Région de Bruxelles-Capitale/ Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest BE10
2 BE21 BE Prov. Antwerpen BE21
2 BG42 BG Южен централен BG42
2 CZ08 CZ Moravskoslezsko CZ08
2 DE21 DE Oberbayern DE21
2 CH06 CH Zentralschweiz CH06
2 CZ02 CZ Střední Čechy CZ02
2 AT22 AT Steiermark AT22
2 BG32 BG Северен централен BG32
2 CH01 CH Région lémanique CH01
2 BE24 BE Prov. Vlaams-Brabant BE24
2 BE25 BE Prov. West-Vlaanderen BE25
2 CZ06 CZ Jihovýchod CZ06
2 CH07 CH Ticino CH07
2 AT12 AT Niederösterreich AT12
2 AT13 AT Wien AT13
2 AT21 AT Kärnten AT21
2 BE31 BE Prov. Brabant Wallon BE31
2 BE32 BE Prov. Hainaut BE32
2 CZ03 CZ Jihozápad CZ03
2 CY00 CY Κύπρος CY00
2 CZ01 CZ Praha CZ01
2 BE22 BE Prov. Limburg (BE) BE22
2 BE23 BE Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen BE23
2 BE33 BE Prov. Liège BE33
2 CZ07 CZ Střední Morava CZ07
2 ES12 ES Principado de Asturias ES12
2 BE34 BE Prov. Luxembourg (BE) BE34
2 DE11 DE Stuttgart DE11
2 DE22 DE Niederbayern DE22
2 BE35 BE Prov. Namur BE35
2 CZ04 CZ Severozápad CZ04
2 ES24 ES Aragón ES24
2 ES30 ES Comunidad de Madrid ES30
2 BG31 BG Северозападен BG31
2 DE12 DE Karlsruhe DE12
2 AL01 AL Veri AL01
2 AT31 AT Oberösterreich AT31
2 DE73 DE Kassel DE73
2 DK04 DK Midtjylland DK04
2 DE40 DE Brandenburg DE40
2 DE93 DE Lüneburg DE93
2 ITH3 IT Veneto ITH3
2 EL41 EL Βόρειο Αιγαίο EL41
2 EL42 EL Νότιο Αιγαίο EL42
2 EL65 EL Πελοπόννησος EL65
2 DEB1 DE Koblenz DEB1
2 EE00 EE Eesti EE00
2 DE94 DE Weser-Ems DE94
2 DEB2 DE Trier DEB2
2 DE80 DE Mecklenburg-Vorpommern DE80
2 DEA3 DE Münster DEA3
2 DK03 DK Syddanmark DK03
2 DE24 DE Oberfranken DE24
2 DE27 DE Schwaben DE27
2 DE71 DE Darmstadt DE71
2 EL61 EL Θεσσαλία EL61
2 DE91 DE Braunschweig DE91
2 ITG1 IT Sicilia ITG1
2 EL64 EL Στερεά Ελλάδα EL64
2 DEA4 DE Detmold DEA4
2 EL30 EL Aττική EL30
2 EL43 EL Κρήτη EL43
2 DE25 DE Mittelfranken DE25
2 ITG2 IT Sardegna ITG2
2 ITH1 IT Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen ITH1
2 DE72 DE Gießen DE72
2 ITH2 IT Provincia Autonoma di Trento ITH2
2 EL62 EL Ιόνια Νησιά EL62
2 EL63 EL Δυτική Ελλάδα EL63
2 DK05 DK Nordjylland DK05
2 DE92 DE Hannover DE92
2 EL51 EL Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη EL51
2 DEA5 DE Arnsberg DEA5
2 EL52 EL Κεντρική Μακεδονία EL52
2 DE23 DE Oberpfalz DE23
2 DE26 DE Unterfranken DE26
2 EL53 EL Δυτική Μακεδονία EL53
2 EL54 EL Ήπειρος EL54
2 FI20 FI Åland FI20
2 ES42 ES Castilla-La Mancha ES42
2 DEA1 DE Düsseldorf DEA1
2 ES11 ES Galicia ES11

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