THEMATIC REPORT: Patterns of Consumption

This report analyses patterns of aggregate consumption in Rwanda. It draws on the results of the EICV2 (2005–06) and EICV3
(2010–11) surveys and is meant to inform the consumer price index (CPI) and the national accounts. This report also discusses
locations of purchases based on the EICV3 survey. The main finding from the aggregate consumption analysis is that the share of food consumption derived from own production decreased between 2005–06 and 2010–11. The population now purchases more food in shops and markets. This trend is
accelerated by the fact that the diet of the Rwandan population has become more varied: people eat more products such as beef, rice, etc. which are usually purchased and not self-produced. Expenditure on education has also increased, most substantially in Kigali

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