Farming South Africa’s Rooftops: An explorative study of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban

As a newly trending Urban Agricultural activity, Rooftop Farming is a developing industry that comes at a time in which cities are becoming the most populous places on this planet. As global populations are set to continue to grow to 12 billion inhabitants by the end of this century, much of this growth is expected to occur from within developing countries. Cities within sub-Saharan Africa are currently the fastest growing in which much of their demographic exists under the breadline. Associated with such urbanization of poverty are challenges related to food security. Rooftop Farming is thus an activity which may serve to alleviate these mounting challenges, where it may occupy the vacant spaces above a city’s skyline. It is however still under-researched, in which there is a dearth of literature internationally, and even more so for South Africa. This dissertation thus sets out to create a baseline narrative of the budding
industry in the country, in which it assesses the policy context which may serve to support the industry as well as to gain insight of challenges and perspectives of those involved in the practice.

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