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Layer 4: Stocks and flows

4.02. Extraction: Agriculture

Total quantities of biomass that is harvested within your boundaries. This normally includes both plants and livestock that are farmed or otherwise extracted from the environment. Local authorities or experts may be the best point to start. There is likely some sort of reporting and monitoring that happens around agriculture, but it sometimes vary by industry. Look at what authority collects these data, and how to obtain this. The more finegrained, the better.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Potencialidades y limitantes del Desarrollo de la Agroexportación en la Región Cajamarca: 2010-2015 Thesis MARY JHANINA LLAMO BURGA 2017 Add image
Estadisticas agrarias de la Region Cajamarca Report Sistema integrado de estadística agraria 2012 Add image

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