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Layer 1: Context

1.6. Actors

What are key organisations within your city when looking at resource flows? These could be large companies that play an important role in material stocks and flows, but it could also include academic institutions that research these matters, municipal departments that govern these topics, utility companies, research groups, or activist organisations.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Données des entreprises (nom, adresse, ....) Shapefile SIRENE 2020 Add image

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Discussion and questions

What kind of information could I add in this section? A shapefile with the geolocalisation of companies, universities, ....?

Hi Rafaela,

For actors we are looking for general information of relevant parties (organisation name, description, website, relevant sectors, etc). However, we're still putting in place the mechanism to upload this, and we will therefore go over this later on in the course. For now, I'd say take note of relevant actors and next week or so we can look into uploading the info.

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