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Layer 4: Stocks and flows

4.16. Emissions to water

Any type of material emissions to water are of interest. This will generally be related to the wastewater treatment works. At these facilities, a certain level of contaminants and materials of concern will be left and are sent out to the natural environment. Look at effluent reports from the local facilities or from government. Elements of interest include nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, and other substances that may be relevant in your context. There may also be reports on dumping of waste into rivers, oceans, or other water bodies by residents or local industry.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts of Canton Vaud and Geneva, Switzerland Dataset Wiedmann et al. 2021 Add image
Assainissement des eaux usées - Rapport d’exploitation Report SIG - Services Industriels Genevois 2020 Add image
Indicateurs de pollution de quelques cours d'eau. Concentrations moyennes, par rivière et station de mesure Dataset OCSTAT - Genève 2020 Add image
Température et qualité des eaux du lac Léman, depuis 2011 Dataset OCSTAT - Genève 2020 Add image
Comptes de flux de matières - Emissions dans la nature Dataset OFS - Office Fédéral de Statistique 2019 Add image

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