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Layer 4: Stocks and flows

4.11. Stocks: Livestock

How much livestock is present within the territory? Think of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and any other type of livestock. These numbers are possibly available from the agricultural authority, or from industry associations. For some animals these numbers will constantly fluctuate, as they are killed at a high rate. Obtaining information of the average lifespan is therefore also beneficial.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Animaux de rente des exploitations agricoles, selon l'espèce, sur l’ensemble du Canton depuis 1966 Dataset OCSTAT - Genève 2020 Add image
Mémento Statistique du Canton de Genève 2020 Report République et Canton de Genève Statistique Genève Banque Cantonale Genève 2020 Add image

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Discussion and questions

Hi Paul,

I don't know what's the matter but I've processed the "Animaux de rente des exploitations agricoles, selon l'espèce..." file and then the charts show as the segment would be "Genève" and not the different animals. You can have a look at the processed file and it seems to be correct to me.

Moreover, the original table contains information even on the number of exploitation with livestocks in it. I would like to upload another table processed with those data (not in the same table to avoid a mix and sum between livestocks and farms), but I can not upload another processed file where I already put one.

Thaaank youuuu!

Hi Nicole,

I found the issue with the segments not showing up! It's fixed now.

With regards to the other file that you mention... do you want to REPLACE the current file, or do you want to have a second data file? If you want a second data file, it's best to upload a new document entirely. If you want to replace it, let me know and I'll mark it so that you can do this.

One key note: I saw that in the file you leave some comments. However, these comments seem to be about the ENTIRE file. In the way you entered the comments now, they are three separate comments, applying to three separate rows in the file. The system will not understand this is a comment about the entire file. If you want to have comments for the entire file, it's best to put them in the meta data/description of the document itself. If you have comments about a particular value in your spreadsheet (say, row 16), then the spreadsheet itself is the right place. Does that makes sense?

Hi Paul,

cool, thanks a lot!
Perfect, so I'll upload a new document for the farms. Could you mark anyway the current file (livestocks) so I can fix the comment issue?

Thank you!

OK done -- you can now re-process this one! Should I also remove the uploaded file or can you do this?

I can do that! Thanks a lot!

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