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Layer 4: Stocks and flows

4.03. Extraction: Forestry

If there are any plantations within the boundaries, then forestry activities should be looked into. We are looking for quantities of wood that is harvested. Industry associations or governmental entities likely keep track. Also note that illegal logging may exist in certain places and trying to find data (even if these are estimates) on this is useful.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounts of Canton Vaud and Geneva, Switzerland Dataset Wiedmann et al. 2021 Add image
Récolte de bois par canton Dataset OFS - Office fédérale de la statistique 2020 Add image
Récolte de bois selon le type de propriétaire et le groupe d'essences ou l'assortiment, depuis 2000 Dataset OCSTAT - Genève 2020 Add image

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Discussion and questions

Dear Paul,
After some time spent on the DataHub I have a clearer view of the available data for Lausanne and Geneva, and those that offer better insights in the context of urban metabolism. In this respect I was wondering if I should delete some of the datasets I had uploaded.
Here is an example. The dataset "Récolte de bois par Canton" come from the federal office of statistics (not open access), and the second "Récolte de bois par type de propriétaire..." from the cantonal statistical office (in open access), in the case of a study, I would use the dataset provided by the confederation as it uses a certain type of indicator more consistent with urban metabolism and has the same data for each canton. So, do you advise me to delete the datasets that are not so relevant or to keep them as multiple sources of information?

Thanks a lot! :-)

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