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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.11. Manufacturing: food products

The food manufacturing industry is often complex and highly varied. It can include abbatoirs, bakeries, bread mills, fish processing plants, cheese production plants, and many others. The food manufacturing is highly relevant in metabolism studies and exploring this sector in-depth is recommended. It may be difficult to find a single source of information for all food manufacturing infrastructure, because this is not generally seen as a single sector but instead consists of many different sectors. Industry associations for the individual sectors may be a good starting point. Alternatively local government or universities may have done a certain indexing exercise. Lastly, some of these industries may require licenses (e.g. a Food Processing license), and consulting these databases could yield great insights.

To get an idea of the scope, and to have a more methodological breakdown of the food manufacturing sector, have a look at NACE code C10 on Manufacture of food products.


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