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Layer 3: Infrastructure

3.06. Fossil fuel production and distribution

Petroleum refineries, petroleum and gas pipelines, and petrol stations are the most relevant infrastructure in most places, but there may be other infrastructure that is relevant. Petroleum refineries are often reported on by national authorities and it would be most helpful to a national-scale report or dataset in place, if there isn't one already in the system. The same applies for petroleum pipelines. Gas mains may be more localised and require information from more local sources. Details on petrol stations may be more difficult to find. An industry association may be a good starting point, but there are often various private oil companies involved and information may not be available in a single report or dataset. However, identification of the different companies may be a good first step, and locating mapping tools that they have available (often on their website) could help. This can again be done through a national lens.


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