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Layer 1: Context

1.6. Actors

What are key organisations within your city when looking at resource flows? These could be large companies that play an important role in material stocks and flows, but it could also include academic institutions that research these matters, municipal departments that govern these topics, utility companies, research groups, or activist organisations.


Title Type Author(s) Year
CIT Blaton Document CIT Blaton 2020 Add image
Local Innovative Associations Document 2020 Add image
Rotor vzw-asbl Document Rotor vzw-asbl 2020 Add image

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Discussion and questions

Something happened and since actors and policy has been added there is a mix of what is now marked green as completed. For instance, actors are now green and city boundaries are now part of it.

I have done some renaming... do you mind re-tagging these so that they are properly classified again? That should solve the issue.

ok thanks! done.

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