Biodiversity Atlas of city of Barcelona

This atlas is a series of maps that show some of the most important data on Barcelona's biodiversity. It includes the following layers:

The city's trees.
The parks, gardens, squares and green plots of land that Barcelona City Council manages, with the species of plants that live there.
The birds that nest in the city.
The butterflies that are found in the city.
Vertebrate animals (small mammals, amphibians, reptiles).
The fauna (vertebrates and invertebrates) that live in naturalised ponds.
All the plant communities that can be found in Barcelona, whether natural or semi-natural.
And the extent of plant cover the city has, seen from the air.
This is a map of Barcelona city, divided into its 73 neighbourhoods, enabling us to search for each of the above-mentioned features separately or all together, by selecting various information layers.

Besides delving deeply into each of these layers, we can also explore the inter-relationship between them all and discover the total number of species of trees, plants, birds, butterflies and vertebrates that there are in each neighbourhood, if we keep them all active.

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