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Corn project: prepare presentation for city 2

Created on Monday 5 July 2021, 07:14

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Data research
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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 Multi-scale integration
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    Ramiro Schiavo
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Corn project summary:

In order to operationalize the multi-scale integration plan, we will run a practical experiment which takes place while the actual specification for this project is being written up. We hope that this practical experiment can help inform the specification, by having some initial ideas around (un)feasibility of certain aspects around scaling. While this experiment will be small-scale, it allows us to get our feet wet and no doubt will shed some light on things we hadn't thought of before.

This experiment, called the corn project, will look at a few number of crops and participants in this experiment will collect information and data to unpack flows (and stocks) of this crop for their city (and region). We will try to a) get a solid understand how this crop is being used in and around the city, b) obtain data for city-level imports, exports, consumption, processing, and waste flows, as well as any stocks c) obtain the same data at a higher (or lower) level, and d) unpack the relationship between the different scales and to understand what kinds of downscaling opportunities and challenges exist in this experiment, and e) see what kinds of tricks and operations can be applied to any city, and what things are city-, region- or country-specific.

This task:

To kick off our project, we will start with introduction presentations. These introduction presentations should be made through doing desktop research on your city of choice. For your city, you should obtain as much information as you can that will help understand the different flows and stocks for your city. This is a scoping exercise, so getting a broad but shallow understanding is better than a very narrow deeper understanding of a single part. Try and find information at city and/or regional level on your crop of choice (as discussed this could be corn, rice, wheat, or soy --- as you see fit):

  • Agricultural production
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Consumption
  • Food processing
  • Stocks

Try to understand how your crop flows through the city, and which (food or other) products and sectors most heavily engage with your crop of choice. Try to understand the link with the hinterland: does your crop come from or go to a specific region/country?

The end result of your work should be a presentation of 5-10 minutes in which you present the highlights. You are encouraged to keep notes in a separate documents with all the relevant datasets, links, etc. that you used for your research, so that we can use that afterwards to take things forward.

NOTE: presentations will be presented on our upcoming sprint. Make sure to register!

General instructions

Finding new sources of data, new methods of collecting data, research on data types for further development

Discussion and updates

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Hi Paul,
I wonder, what the point c) means ...higher-lower level? (c) obtain the same data at a higher (or lower) level).

Hi Ramiro, this refers to the idea that you can get data on multiple levels... it could be higher than city level (for instance, provincial level or state level), or it could be at a smaller scale (for instance for a single neighborhood in the city). Does that make sense?

Yes Paul!, thanks.

Paul: 1)One files in excel ( as an example) . From the government but very inexact information and do not have the unit.
2) The second option is to find papers or scientific articles where shows the path of the product.

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Thanks Ramiro! This does seem indeed quite basic but good you found some things. Have you been able to find other things as well? Remember it's not only about data... any non-quantitative insights are also useful (such as what the key crops are used for, what industry players are important, what general route flows might follow, etc).

Hi Paul,

          I have found more articles (with info as you say in your message above), I only have to pick the essential info of each paper or article and make a list of information ( uses, industry, flows, track,etc).



Hi Ramiro,

Great to hear! And yes, the idea is that you make a summary with the most interesting information. Try to pick up the things that you feel are most useful to share, and those are the things you put in the presentation. Give me a shout if in doubt!

Web Site Corn.

Paul: The information is too diffuse in all the articles, thus you would need a directive or a clear and concrete objective of what to look for. Besides, I am not be available till 31 august.