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Involve others in our priority plan

Created on Tuesday 20 April 2021, 15:47

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Communication and engagement
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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 General data hub improvements
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman
    Simron J. Singh

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Please join us and let's build things, together!


Aris and Carolin have been very active creating tasks and starting with a number of items on the list. Wonderful! However, I think it is worthwhile to start getting others involved. Let them join in from the start! I would say:

  • We should firstly contact our core team and let them know about the priority plan and the online task list that is available and growing, and invite them to join
  • It might be nice to set a work sprint a few weeks from now to also have a specific date of work action
  • It would be great to write up a message that we can send out by email to everybody listed in our newsletter

Discussion and updates

New task was created

I can help with that. I wanted to email the core team anyway. The sprint I could do earliest only from May 7.

Great Carolin! I don't think the sprint should be rushed -- but announcing that it will take place soon would be beneficial to getting others involved.

Hey Carolin, just FYI: it would be great if some task have the tag "GOOD ENTRY LEVEL TASK" added to them, if they are easy to do for people who are not intimately aware of how our system works. This should make it easier to get others started on things. I will before the sprint highlight those tasks in the list (the same way GOOD FOR BEGINNERS is highlighted in data processing, for instance).

Hi Carolin, should we move forward with this? It may be worthwhile setting a date for the sprint, so we can announce and get people signed up, while we get the other things ready. What do you think? Any dates that work for you? I'd say let's give people at least 10-14 days notice.

Hi Paul,
Any updates for a training/course in this direction? I mentioned I have a student who is willing to help with this in Metabolism of Islands (MoI), and asked when the next training session will be, so she can jump into integrating data into MoI (e.g. from IRP’s MFA database). Her plan is to do a meta-analysis of several island states. Any timeline you have would be helpful for now. Thanks!

Hi Simron,

Good to see interest from your side as well! How about if we organize a session on June 7, does that sound good to you?
Carolin, is that fine for you too?

Hey both,
Thanks for picking this up again. June 7 is a Monday...was that your intention Paul? It is fine by me, though don't know about others. We usually had sprints on the weekend, but could also do it in the afternoon / evening.

My weekends are getting busy but I can also do June 6th. Does that work for you? Makes sense indeed to do it in a weekend. Let me know if that works and let's then announce asap.

From my side, I'd actually prefer during the week too. And I can also imagine that people in the Northern Hemisphere are trying to keep their weekends open too, to enjoy the warmer days. Perhaps if we do it from 4 or 5 pm Brussels time on June 7?

OK noted! But shall we simply make it the whole day, to allow people to work whenever they want, but we can then do the meeting from 16.00-17.00??

Ah, sure. Yeah, that sounds good. So the meeting is more to rally together, give a status update, do a check in etc.

OK great. If you are able to schedule it and inform our team, great. I will send out an email blast tomorrow to people on our newsletter. And on Tuesday at AScUS I will also let people know. We should review the task list in detail and see if it is action-ready for a wide audience.

Hi Paul and Carolin,
There will be at least one person joining from MoI, who has offered to help with Data hub for the next three months. She is available on 7 June, and is based in Waterloo (so New York time). As she is new to the team, she would benefit from this, but importantly she would like to learn, or be familiar from existing tools/videos on how she can get started with expanding the data hub for MoI, like pulling data from IRP's database, etc. During summertime we have interns to help, and so the more we can get done, the better. As a background, when university starts in September, it is difficult to get volunteers. Please include her in the mailing for this event/session, and also me please. Reshma Soman e-mail redacted
Thanks for this great initiative! Simron

Hi both,

I have set up the sprint here. Simron I have referred Reshma to this page (I have redacted her e-mail as not to have that in public). It is good to know about the university calendar and this is good motivation for us to do as much work as possible before September!

I'm now sending out the mass mail as well as the internal group mail to advise everyone. Hopefully we get quite some people involved!

Great thanks Paul - much appreciated!

No problem Simron. You might also want to disseminate the "sprint" page to your group to see if other people want to join. Would be great to have some more MOI people in the group!

Sidenote: earlier today I sent the notice to our own group, and I am now preparing an email blast to people in our newsletter. I now have to head out to soccer but if someone is able to help contribute some bits and pieces would be great. Link is here. I have updated the STATS bit but that is all. We have not sent any newsletter recently so my idea is to include stuff from our news archive. Quick updates on:

  • MOC edition 4 is live
  • New datahub
  • Education hub
  • AScUS 2021 about to start
  • CityLoops updates
  • Join our sprint (highlighted at the beginning as well??)

Any help much appreciated. In any case I'll try to continue later.

Okay the newsletter was now sent to our audience. It was a general newsletter with updates as outlined above, and it featured our sprint in a number of places. I think we have done all we can do to try and get people to join our sprint. I'll close this task for now. Let's hope we get a good turnout next week!

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

Status change: Open → Completed

Hi Simron, just to let you know Reshma hasn't yet signed up (you can see the list here) -- just in case you want to remind her.