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Make an overview of the Priority Plan's flagship cities

Created on Thursday 15 April 2021, 14:24

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Data Hub Priority Plan 2021 General data hub improvements
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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For the Data Hub Priority Plan, a number of cities that we have been working on, already have quite some data and/or are part of our projects, were selected to become our "flagship cities". These will be key for the different aspects of the priority plan, so that we can test if and how the tools that we are building are working. This is because we of course need to have data in those to see what happens. It also means that while those tools are designed and prepared, everyone can help and start going wild on getting data on all levels.

So far this, we need to have an overview of them that we can refer to and keep track of where things stand (e.g. what kind of spatial files we have etc.). To get us started, a simple google spreadsheet will be enough. Later on, we can think about making a small section on them in the ABOUT part of the menu or include them in the DHPP (another abbreviation 🙈😅) page.

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Done. Here is our overview.

We have a total of 15 cities, while 8 are already just from the CityLoops project. I'm not yet convinced of Los Angeles/ San Francisco as choice. We could instead choose another South American city, for example, though I'm also happy to be persuaded for LA or SF.

FYI, for the ones who weren't in the meeting when we decided on the cities: our reasoning for choosing those were that they should be related to existing projects or where we have interest or lots of data (or ideally a mix of those) PLUS language capacity, which is why we didn't add an Asian or African city, nor another Portuguese one etc..

Thanks Carolin! Question: for the CL cities, is the plan to focus on adding more information there to make them more complete (as the CL project only prioritizes certain flows), or is the idea that whatever comes in through CL efforts is what we will be using? If it is the former, maybe we should not pick all of them in order not to dilute our efforts but instead pick a few. For US cities I would stick to one of them and not add another LatAm city, simply because the US is interesting to include and we have some people there.

  • CL cities: You are right. Our thinking was that Porto and Sevilla are already quite strong, as they participated in the Spanish course. In addition the two Danish cities might also get a boost, because Cecilie, one of the data collectors, is doing her PhD on them. For language reasons, except for Apeldoorn perhaps, the other ones are also more difficult for us to find additional data for / work on.
  • US cities: Ok. I'd prefer SF then, just for sentimental reasons. Any preference your side or from others?

Noted, sounds good! No other preferences from my side.

Status: After taking out some cities and Aris sneaking in Brussels (😛, fair enough), we have 13 flagship cities. I remembered Yves had an interest in LA, I want to check with him if he prefers it over SF, before settling on one.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Thanks Carolin! For record-keeping, could you paste the final list here as well?

I will once I know from Yves. I am emailing him today (also for a small bit of content on downscaling for our manual pages).

Any response from Yves? Would be great to get this documented here before we start our sprint. Thanks!

Yves response was that he doesn't have a preference because he doesn't know the datasets enough for those two cities. He was also wondering why we need to settle on one city between the two. In order to not dilute efforts and with no preference between LA and SF, I've now decided on SF.

This is now our final list of 12 flagship cities.

1 Medellín, Colombia
2 San Francisco, USA
3 Chicago, USA
4 Metro Vancouver, Canada
5 Cape Town, South Africa
6 (Greater) London, UK
7 Geneva, Switzerland
8 Brussels, Belgium
11 Porto, Portugal
12 Sevilla, Spain