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Improve data portal navigation

Created on Wednesday 18 November 2020, 09:12

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Programming work
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Paul Hoekman

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We now have reference spaces, city maps, library item maps, and you can hop around between them quite easily. That also means it gets quite confusing quite quickly. Let's try to make as clear as possible where you are, and what information is available on the site.

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Okay quite an upgrade as made. Most if it around the MAPS section in the library of each city. That is where we have most new stuff happening, and in the old system it wasn't necessarily clear how to navigate that. A new "homepage" for the map section was set up, where we show the infrastructure/boundaries/master map, which should make it much clearer from the start that this division exists. The system also indicates which of the items have interactive maps, and which don't (this depends on whether the file has yet been processed).

If you are in an interactive map, we now pull in the photos of each item, if available, and show a grid list underneath the map of all options. This is getting closer to what we had before, and becomes much more attractive this way. Users can toggle between grid view and table view (when there are no pics, grid view isn't that inspiring...). Grid view is only available if there are less than 50 items in the map, otherwise it gets too long I figured.

Attached a few screenshot of Cape Town's maps. Note that the infrastructure photo comes from the actual infrastructure in the city. In this case it's a sand mine so this is not THAT inspiring... The Hague looks better. But let's make a function in due course that allows people to set which photo should be highlighted there.

Feedback welcome as always. Guus is working at the moment on the maps themselves. We're standardizing the way they're loaded, so that some styles like the polygon background and outline color, the map marker style and color, and the popup box style are all consistent and easy to replicate in the future. So some more changes will be coming there soon.

Note that in terms of navigation I'd like to fully implement breadcrumbs as a main way to understand where you are. It's a bit tricky as some pages can be opened from multiple places, so there must be a dynamic breadcrumb list, so I've gotta cater to that. I'll leave this task open until that part has been set up.

Status change: In Progress → Completed