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Integrate image in reference space database field

Created on Wednesday 18 November 2020, 07:29

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    Programming work
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Paul Hoekman

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Right now, we have a dynamically generated @property in the ReferenceSpace model, which in fact is a lookup of the Photo table, and it selects the first pic there. So far, so good. However, it does mean that we do a single lookup for every space that we loop through. And we can't do prefetch_related as this isn't a regular foreign key relationship. What we should do instead is copy that photo URL to the image field which exists on every Record (of which ReferenceSpace is a derived model), and simply use signals to update them where needed. Would save a lot of queries.

Discussion and updates

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Status change: Open → In Progress

This was done. I have still left the @photo property that generates the db call as it may still be used somewhere -- I'll keep my eyes out for it in the coming months and then phase it out completely. But this change should save a whole lot db requests and wasn't even that tricky. Good good good.

Status change: In Progress → Completed