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Create master map for an individual city

Created on Friday 13 November 2020, 06:50

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    Metabolism of Cities Data Hub
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    In Progress
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    Programming work
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    Spanish course: data processing
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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The idea is to have a single map available where users can add/remove layers, which are based on all shapefiles that are available for that particular city. This is the template that Guus made a while age on which to base this work.

Discussion and updates

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Yeah, master map! Is this only for the "content" of the city, e.g. water treatment plant, bus stations, or will this also be for various types of admin. boundaries (districts, neighbourhoods) that can be toggled? If the later, could/would it also go beyond the city and higher to regional, national or NUTS2, 3 etc?

Both infrastructure and boundaries will work. We can look into having higher item levels as well but there must be a logical explanation for including them. We can for instance show the boundary of the NUTS2 level that the selected city is part of, but not any of the other ones. Is that what you have in mind?

Okay so this is now taken to the next level:

  • The map loads all shapefiles that have been processed for this city

  • If official boundaries are established, they will be shown by default in the beginning

  • There is a new way to register official city boundaries (go to PROCESSING > CITY BOUNDARIES)

Example maps: Brussels or Melbourne

Some stuff to do in this version:

  • The official city boundaries are now duplicated (it's both active in the beginning and there is already a layer that can also be activated). Ideally we simply activate THAT layer in the beginning.

  • When the shapefiles contain points instead of polygons, they are not yet the right colors

  • Some of the layers contain a shapefile that has elements OUTSIDE of the city (e.g. all power plants in the province). Sometimes you want to see them, sometimes not. I suggest we have a checkbox somewhere that says LIMIT CONTENT TO WITHIN BOUNDARIES, which cuts off the shapefiles if it's ticked.

  • When in fullscreen mode, would be nice if scroll can be used for zooming in/out

  • Save as image option would be nice

  • We've got to embed all the copyright info on this page, given the NUTS licensing ridiculousness

Here a screenshot of Melbourne

Yes, that's what I had in mind. (It would be NUTS3, which is lower.) The logical explanation and also one that perhaps justifies using other higher levels (up the country level in CityLoops) is putting the city into context and better understanding the downscaling of data.

But, in any case, so cool to see how you have progressed with implementing this and future items that you have thought of! I'm really excited to see the master maps being filled with all kinds of data points as the data is processed 🤓😎

OK coolio, yeah that sounds doable then. When the time comes feel free to make a task for this and I'll then look into it. It works best if all the relevant shapefiles are already processed and available so we can work with the actual info. And I'm also looking forward to the maps filling up!

Is the master map down? I need to take some screenshots and I've tried to pull up the one for Cape Town:, but the map area is grey, even if I select infrastructure, see screenshot. Tried different browsers (firefox, chrome, brave) on a Mac...Other cities don't work either. Am I doing something wrong?

Yeah something is down there -- not totally sure what but I'll have a look later today and check with Guus if need be.

Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know.

Hey Carolin, turns out I butchered that map in a previous "upgrade"... now operational again!

Hehe, not all upgrades are necessarily good ;) Thanks Paul!

Master map down again? Or is it just me?
(Btw, finding this task wasn't easy. Putting "master map" in the search function of or doesn't yield any results.)

Hey Carolin,

Any link? Cape Town works fine.

And yes we need to improve task searching and navigation. It's on my radar, just not the highest of priorities.

Oh yes, sorry, this one: Metro Vancouver

Cape Town works for me too. Barcelona does too, for example.

OK noted. And just to confirm, you have set the CITY BOUNDARIES in the DATA PROCESSING section?

Aaah, that indeed I have not. My bad. For some reason I thought it was already set, since it shows an outline of the border on the dashboard overview, but I assume it just takes this border from OSM? I will have to wait until I can define those city boundaries, or in my case the region's, until I get the official data from here. I've put in a request already.
Thanks for your help Paul.

Ah OK perfect. Those borders not sure where they came from, but indeed we'd need the proper ones fully referenced so we can get this going.