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Created on Sunday 21 June 2020, 13:37

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    Upload a data visualisation
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    Ramiro Schiavo
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    Paul Hoekman
    Ramiro Schiavo

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Discussion and updates

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Ramiro, I am putting your feedback from Google here:

Paul, I try to complete ...In part of...but I can not find the reference in your library, I try to add but do not let me do so. When I click on the sign "+" , appear "Add another library item".
E.g. I have added an article and it came from Journal of Industrial Ecology -Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies.1) How can I fill in the space? or 2)I must fill in only with what appear by default in the library ? 3) Several articles same time appear in different journals,
I choose the first one.

Hi Ramiro,

Hereby replies on your earlier comments:

  1. Important note: you should add visualizations of publications that are already in our library. So you should not need to add a new publication. If you watch the video again, at about 2 min 40 seconds in, I show how you can search our library. You can use this link, and you will see 59 case studies from after 2017, which could be a good starting point.

  2. Yes indeed, you only add visualizations from the existing library.

  3. Hmmm that sounds odd. If this happens, please send me a link or screenshot or point me in the specific direction where I can check on this.

Once you have uploaded a visualization, give me a shout and I have a look and I'll let you know if things are on track.

Task was assigned to Ramiro Schiavo

Paul, This first "ADD" is from magazine Factor X, this the title that appear near to it:Analysis of urban metabolism and policy assessment : building a nested multiregional input-output model. The issue is that I do not understand what I have to put in part of... because I do not find in the window something that fit with Factor x or the title. I hope this put clear my doubt.

OK noted Ramiro. So here is how it works. The data viz that you have is found in a particular publication (in your case this one). So when you fill out the IS PART OF field for the data viz, you have to tell the system that the data viz comes out of this particular publication. You should start typing the title, and the system will show you the options. If you enter the first bit: Analysis of urban metabolism and policy, then you should already see the publication appear as the only hit. Simply select that one, and you should be good to go! Does that make sense?

Paul, Recently, I was able to solve the problem, at least in this last article that I have added in the Mini-sprint (... in part of ...) I think I already know how to complete all the article that I have added first.

Yes!,Thanks Paul.

OK great Ramiro!

Paul, I started to fill in the part " part of..." of the Data Viz. Once I finish that part, I will follow adding to get to the 30 you asked.

Paul, I just recently finished completing the " part of..." of all the article I uploaded. Thus, I can begin with more article till 30.

Hi Ramiro,

Just so you know, the instructions above show you how you can now upload data viz into the system. See if it makes sense - let me know if you have any questions.

One question, some figure has a long "legend", even the same legend has multiples points. Should I put only the first sentence that gives an idea of the Data Viz or all the legend? I do not have an idea the long that allow the input. e.g
The link lead to Library Item, look the name -it is only the first sentence- compare with the long of the legend of the Data Viz, in description is taken from the article.

The video is the same that you gave time ago. I have seen it,Thanks!!!!

Hi Ramiro, the name you gave it is good as it is. You are right that the name field shouldn't be too long, so trying to get a short summarized description is best. And in fact the current name is fine because it actually describes the image as a whole pretty well, so all good!

Paul, I have recently finished adding 30 articles (data viz) as you asked.(Task= Upload new data visualization).
I hope everything is O.K.

Status change: Open → Completed