Sources for reference space groups

As part of the Data Hub Priority Plan 2021, it is necessary to have reference spaces (physical locations that data can be linked to) across different spatial scales such as countries, regions, provinces, counties etc., those "higher" than a city, those that a city is nested in.
We already have added and processed a number of these higher scale shapefiles and list them here to communicate what exists in the system and where they can be found. These reference spaces can be reused over and over for many cities, meaning that having Spain as country in the system, for example, allows to link Spanish cities to Spain.

Missing sources

Aside from the ones below, there are many other shapefiles that would be desirable to have for additional and relevant reference spaces. Some examples are in the list below. You can help us find and add those! Register as a community member and select a task on the list.

Existing sources


"The NUTS classification (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) is a hierarchical system for dividing up the economic territory of the EU and the UK." (Source)

Local Administrative Units
"To meet the demand for statistics at a local level, Eurostat maintains a system of Local Administrative Units (LAUs) compatible with NUTS. These LAUs are the building blocks of the NUTS, and comprise the municipalities and communes of the European Union." (Source)

Urban Audit
Cities, Greater Cities and Functional Urban Areas boundaries according to the European Urban Audit. (More info)

(All the documents are "parked" in Munich: