Flagship cities

In order to focus the data gathering, uploading, and processing efforts while rolling out our 2021 Priority Plan, we defined 10 cities to be our "flagship cities". This means that we will put additional focus on these specific cities. We invite volunteers to help us upload and process data for these specific places, and whenever we have time available we will try to work on them. The cities were chosen for a variety of reasons, including existing data availability, interest or residency of our most active members in these cities, and opportunities to link these cities to other ongoing projects.

These are our 2021 flagship cities:

Our goal is to fill the data portals of these cities as much as we can, and to develop and test the 2021 priority plan tools with these cities in mind.

If you would like to get involved with Metabolism of Cities and you are happy to work on any city, consider making a contribution to any of these cities. You will find that there is more support and it is easier to find people working on the same city than starting a new city. However, if you are wanting to work on your own city you are always welcome to do so.

Here is a related discussion on the selection of our flagship cities.