Handbook to facilitate students' real-world laboratory projects to promote transformative and transdisciplinary competencies.

The handbook shows how a TIL helps students to become change agents and how they can initiate change processes with a transdisciplinary and transformative research and innovation project of their own. Accordingly, the handbook contains:

A theoretical classification and contextualisation of sustainability, education, real-world labs and transformative research.

A detailed inside view of our projects and comprehensive description of all phases with their content, learning objectives, recommendations for academic implementation and ideas for suitable formats.

A step-by-step description of the implementation processes in a TIL complete with numerous tips and tricks, including suggestions for integration into curricula, notes on planning and preparing a TIL, and lessons from past TILs on topics such as peer learning, using a simulation game or incorporating issues like role awareness, ethics in transformative research and personal development.

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