Subnational Population by Sex, Age, and Geographic Area by Country

The Census Bureau calculates subnational 5-year age/sex group population estimates and projections for the years 2000 through 2015, 2020, or 2025 for countries sharing bilateral efforts with the U.S. Government as part of PEPFAR. The PEPFAR program provides assistance to countries around the world whose populations suffer from a high rate of HIV infection. Our subnational population data are consistent with the national projections from the U.S. Census Bureau's International Data Base and are linked to digital maps of the subnational administrative areas. These products also are available through the DHS Program Spatial Data Repository.

Subnational estimates and projections for each country are available from the national level through the unit types and administrative (ADM) levels listed below. Typically, geospatial boundaries are available for each country at the same ADM levels.

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