Production and utilization of milk on the farm - annual data

D0100AD Farm milk products delivered to dairies
D0210D Milk products, other than drinking milk, cream, butter and cheese, delivered to dairies
D0220D Milk products, other than milk and cream, delivered to dairies
D1100A Raw milk, total available on farms
D1100D Raw milk delivered to dairies
D1100F Raw milk for feed
D1100DLA Raw milk, differences and losses on farms
D1110A Raw cows' milk from farm
D1111A Dairy raw cows' milk from farm
D1112A Non-dairy raw cows' milk from farm
D1120A Ewes' milk from farm
D1130A Goats' milk from farm
D1140A Buffalos' milk from farm
D1200A Raw cream from farm
D1200D Raw cream delivered to dairies
D1200DME Raw cream delivered to dairies (in milk equivalent)
D2100 Drinking milk
D2110V Drinking milk - Direct sales
D2110H Drinking milk - Home consumption
D2140_4200A Skimmed milk and buttermilk, total available on farms
D2140_4200RD Skimmed milk and buttermilk returned by dairies
D2140_4200BC Skimmed milk and buttermilk: Balance of cream deliveries
D2140_4200AB Skimmed milk and buttermilk from butter and cream production
D2200_6110A Cream and butter from farm
D6100A Farm butter
D6100AD Farm butter delivered to dairies
D7100A Farm cheese
D7100AD Farm cheese delivered to dairies
D9000 Other milk products

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